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5 Teams That Could Trade For All-Pro Playmaker

The Indianapolis Colts will probably trade Jonathan Taylor in the coming days, and there are plenty of suitors for the All-Pro running back
Jonathan Taylor Trade

Jonathan Taylor and the Indianapolis Colts are on the fast track to a trade. After some ugly contract disputes, the former All-Pro running back has requested a new home after Jim Irsay made it abundantly clear that he will not hand out a big-money deal to the former second-round pick. The running back market has plummeted this offseason, but perhaps teams would be willing to break the bank for a truly special talent like Taylor.

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5 Teams That Should Trade For Jonathan Taylor

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills championship window is closing fast, and the team should do everything they can to maximize their chances of winning it all. While a single running back can only make so much of an impact on the game, a Jonathan Taylor trade would be perfect for the Bills. James Cook and Damien Harris aren’t exactly the most lethal running back duo in football, and Taylor’s hard-nosed style of play would mesh well with Buffalo. The Bills will always be a pass-first team, but nobody will want to tackle Josh Allen and Jonathan Taylor in the sub-freezing temperatures of northern New York.

Kansas City Chiefs

In many ways, the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills are in the exact same boat. Both teams have elite quarterbacks, one elite pass-catcher, and a serious need for talent at the running back position. Isiah Pacheco played well last year, but he’s nobody’s idea of a three-down starter. Andy Reid prefers to use a singular workhorse running back whenever possible, and a Jonathan Taylor trade would give him his most dynamic running back since Kareem Hunt.

Baltimore Ravens

While it’s not nearly as big of a story, the Baltimore Ravens are experiencing some running back drama of their own. Former second-round pick J.K. Dobbins wants a new contract of his own, and the Ravens don’t appear to be in any rush to pay him. Dobbins is not as good as Taylor, and he needs to prove that he can actually stay on the field. That being said, he is a starting-caliber back and there is a chance the Ravens and Colts swap their disgruntled starters. Perhaps the Colts can trade Jonathan Taylor to the Ravens in exchange for J.K. Dobbins and a mid-round pick.

New Orleans Saints

Alvin Kamara is going to plead his case to Roger Goodell in the coming days, but for the time being, the Saints need to assume that their star running back will miss a sizable portion of the 2023 season. Even if he somehow avoids a suspension, Kamara didn’t look like his old self last year and could be slowing down. If the team wants to replace their five-time Pro Bowler, then a Jonathan Taylor trade makes a lot of sense. Additionally, head coach Dennis Allen is on the hot seat, so he probably won’t care about overpaying for Taylor if he believes it can save his job.

Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders enter 2023 with a relatively underwhelming backfield. Brian Robinson did an adequate job as an early-down runner last year, but he lacks the speed and explosiveness to ever be anything more than a league-average starter. Jonathan Taylor is a clear upgrade and is a match made in heaven for Ron Rivera’s old-school style of coaching.

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