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What To Watch For On Hard Knocks

The team that just traded for Aaron Rodgers is the one featured is reason to tune in to the Jets on Hard Knocks
Hard Knocks Jets

HBO’s long-running series Hard Knocks will be back on the air before long, with the New York Jets unwillingly taking center stage. Even though the Jets don’t want to be the stars of the show, there is no doubt that they were the best choice. With Aaron Rodgers in town to complement a talented young core of players, there is a lot of reasons to tune in to the latest season of some of the best NFL content out there.

New York Jets Hard Knocks – Best Storylines to Watch

In order to have a successful show you need a few components. The main character has to be appealing to the audience in some way. Generally it’s an A-list actor who will naturally draw the attention of the target audience. More importantly, as we saw last year, is the supporting cast. People enjoy the series because it gives a deep dive into who these players are as people. The bigger the personalities, the better the ratings.

A-List Actor: Aaron Rodgers

Could there be a better star for the show currently than the one who taunts the media constantly and yet claims he doesn’t want a camera in his face? Imagine if there were an opportunity to get a camera crew down to Brett Favre’s first season with the Jets. Aaron Rodgers has brought plenty of controversy around himself specifically with his displeasure with the Packers and the off the field recreational activities. Many will be on the edge of their seats just as they were when he entered the first season with Matt LaFleur. Since Broadway Joe there has not been a greater buzz around this franchise.

Supporting Cast: Sauce Gardner, Robert Saleh, Nathaniel Hackett, Garrett Wilson

It almost feels like Sauce Gardner is a ten-year vet with how much respect is already given his way. While he may not know who Jessica Alba is, he is well versed in shutting down the opposition. He has recreated Revis Island making the opposition’s life tough. While he was one the culprits responsible for the Aaron Rodgers recruitment, there will be interest in how he is embracing the leadership role in his second season. His personality alone will make it for must-watch television.

Garrett Wilson joins Sauce Gardner as a fellow second year player that succeeded in bringing Rodgers to the team. The cameras will take interest in the reigning offensive rookie of the year and how his relationship with Rodgers.

Relationships will be the theme of this team. Most will be interested to see how Rodgers does with his new teammates. The real test begins from how he will do with his new coaching staff. On that staff is former failed experiment at head coach Nathaniel Hackett. He will be eager to show the world last year was a fluke and more on Russell Wilson. The biggest chess match will come from head coach Robert Saleh. As Saleh was critical of the quarterback play last season, he will not be able to do so as easily with Rodgers. While last season knocked it out of the park with the Detroit Lions, this year should be just as entertaining.

Main Photo: Chris Pedota – USA Today Sports


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