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Mac Jones First Media Availability: Speaks as if He’s Walking on Eggshells

Mac Jones

Wednesday, after the first day of practice at the New England Patriots training camp, Mac Jones was the first player of the year to have media availability. Jones seemed much more energized in his press conference yesterday than last year, but still, he seemed to be very touch and feel with some of his answers.

During training camp last year, Mac Jones seemed to be just going with the flow, speaking to the media with the classic Patriots player’s interview, just giving bland answers. During training camp last year, he talked about how his job was to help the offensive coaches, Matt Patricia and Joe Judge, become better coaches rather than how the coaches could help him become a better player. This year, he has been very complimentary of newly hired offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien and how he has helped him progress at the beginning of his third year.

Mac Jones Appears Walking on Eggshells for First Media Availability at Training Camp

Very Bland Answers

Although the penciled-in starting quarterback seemed energized and happy to be in New England, he still spoke as if he was walking on eggshells. After an abysmal sophomore season, Mac Jones is looking to regain his confidence this season. Jones was asked about Bill Belichick hovering over the offense during their red zone work and his relationship with coach Belichick.

“I think we’re good. I think the biggest thing that we’ve all talked about is just having a fresh start. There’s a lot of learning experiences from last year that we’ve talked about, and this year, it’s all about just working together, right?” Jones’s skepticism in his opening sentence to that answer should say enough about how he does not want to step on anyone’s toes. He knows how he acted last season at times was unprofessional and how Belichick tried trading him over the offseason. Now, it is at the point where these two need to mend their relationship because of past events. So due to this, Mac Jones is being complimentary and not honestly speaking how he feels.

Is There a Confidence Issue With Mac Jones?

I understand where Mac Jones is coming from, though. He has had, at best, a mediocre career so far. He had an okay rookie season, followed up by a dumpster fire of a second year. With the Patriots player personnel staff needing to decide whether to pick up his fifth-year options after this season, he wants to focus on being better this year to secure that for himself. Jones needs to realize that his lack of “confidence” will not do him any good.

Jones doesn’t need to showboat or be cocky, but he needs to show more outer self-confidence. He’s a good enough football player if he is the starting quarterback of one of the biggest franchises in the NFL, so he has internal confidence. He needs to show confidence on the outside every once in a while. By doing so, that, in turn, shows the New England Patriots staff that he has the correct character makeup to be a good quarterback in this league.

Matt Groh’s View

Head of Player Personel Matt Groh commented on Mac Jones’ fifth-year option. “It’s the same thing with everybody, go out and compete. It’s the same thing with me, find ways to get better every day. This is day one, so we are going to take today, he’s got to get better the next day just like we all have to get better. We have a whole season of unknown to sit here and try and make some kind of decision off of an incomplete story. It’s a long way away.”

If that is any indication of how the Patriots feel about Mac Jones, it is pretty vague in many people’s opinion. Like all the answers the Patriots organization gives you outside Robert Kraft. Jones has the support of his teammates, coaches, owner, and three-quarters of the fan base if there had to be a guess. Ultimately, the only thing stopping Jones from this point of showing he is a good NFL-caliber quarterback would be himself.

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