Patriots Report: Mac Jones Energized By Matt Patricia’s Departure

Mac Jones

Mac Jones seems to have had a change of attitude this offseason. He is reportedly “energized” by Bill Belichick’s changes to the coaching staff. Mike Giardi, formerly of NFL Network and Patriots insider, reported via Twitter. “Continued positive reviews from teammates/coaches who have been around Mac Jones the longest. – “Confident. Leading like we know he can.” – “Ready to remind you (media/fans) why he was a playoff QB in year one.” – “Energized” by the change (Bill O’Brien as OC).”

Mac Jones “Energized” Under New Offensive Coordinator Bill O’Brien

It was undoubtedly visual that Mac Jones was upset with last year’s coaching decisions. Turnover issues, injuries, coaching decisions, and the looming idea of switching to Bailey Zappe create an unideal work environment for the former first-round pick. If Jones could replicate results more like his rookie season as opposed to last year, the fan base may switch back to his side as opposed to many of the fans calling for “Zappe Hour.”

Much to Prove for Jones in His Important Third Year

This offseason has featured many reports of the hindered relationship between Jones and head coach Bill Belichick. Although the switch to how Bill O’Brien has Mac Jones moving in a positive direction during OTA’s. Local reports seem to be promoting these positive stories in favor of Mac Jones this offseason, and rightfully so, as the Patriots move farther and farther away from their mediocre 2022-23 season. Although the Patriots do not have a solidified number one target they do have solid playmakers for Jones. Additions like Mike Gesicki and Juju Smith-Shuester look to come into an already clustered offense with potential.

Mac Jones Has to be Self Motivated

Reports and social media posts seem to be Mac Jones-specific. In the age of social media, it makes sense for the Patriots and local media to always post Mac Jones. They also seem to be laying it on a little thick. So it begs the question of whether the team media posts are trying to pump Jones’ tires. If Jones needed this constant positive reinforcement, which he does not, then the team is already done. Jones has had the support of his teammates this offseason which is a positive sign moving ahead.

Jones should already have a chip on his shoulder heading into the 2023-24 season after how he played last year. He has be self-motivated and look to become the player he was in his rookie year. He needs to focus on maintaining composure and not letting things spiral to the point of temper tantrums on the sideline. Which we saw a few of those last year as the season progressed. Much like many Patriots nations, I am still in Mac Jones’s corner. The time has come when Jones needs to go out and play like the former first-round pick he was. With today being the second day of OTA’s, we’ll see if Jones takes most of the snaps again. Although the idea is it is an open competition, one would think if Jones is energized it’s his job to lose.

Main Photo: Mark Konezny – USA Today Sports