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The Dolphins Need to Utilize the Wildcat Formation

Dolphins Wildcat

“Speed kills, strength punishes.” It is a philosophical and mental mantra that may be as old as football itself. If the first part is true, however, then the Miami Dolphins may want to buy into it. The Dolphins have been noted for having a roster of speedsters. The Dolphins are trying to keep Tua Tagovailoa healthy. This was evident when personnel key to a run-first offense (Blocking tight ends and both, rookie and veteran offensive linemen) were added. Adding the wildcat (which has many variations) to the Dolphins play-arsenal, could prove highly beneficial for Coach Mike McDaniel and the Dolphins.

The Need for the Miami Dolphins to Utilize the Wildcat Formation

Past NFL teams have attempted to use the wildcat formation with little success. However, this Miami Dolphins roster is loaded with speed and the talent necessary to use the wildcat effectively. The speed alone should be enough for Coach Mike McDaniel to at least entertain the idea of implementing it at some point during the season. What could a wildcat formation look like for the Dolphins?


Tua Tagovailoa

To truly be a wildcat, it would require Tagovailoa to line up elsewhere, other than quarterback. Typically, the quarterback lines up at wide receiver. Additionally, while a traditional wildcat does require someone other than the quarterback to lineup there, the Dolphins could have another quarterback on the roster take the snap with Tagovailoa at wideout.

Skylar Thompson

Of any quarterback on the roster, aside from Tagovailoa, Skylar Thompson is the most mobile option. Because there are so many variations of the wildcat, Thompson could also lineup at wideout and potentially, running back or wing back.

Tyreek Hill

Whether Tyreek Hill is suspended or not this season for allegedly striking a marina worker is irrelevant. Irrelevant because the formation could be a huge asset in his absence. Also irrelevant because if Hill is suspended, it likely would not be for the entire season. Hill would likely line up at quarterback, wideout, or wingback. Hill could be utilized in much the same way the San Francisco 49ers have used Deebo Samuel. The question is, would the Dolphins risk utilizing Hill in such a way? What he has shown in his one-year tenure with the team thus far is he is incredibly tough and physical. With that toughness, Hill could prove to be highly beneficial to how successful the wildcat formation is, regardless of where he lines up.

Jaylen Waddle

Jaylen Waddle is another speedster who could line up at wide-out, quarterback, wingback, or in the backfield for the Dolphins. This would depend upon what variation of the wildcat the Dolphins choose to implement, of course.

Braxton Berrios

Braxton Berrios was an off-season signing known for his kickoff and punt-returning prowess. Officially a wide receiver, Berrios has the wheels that would also make him an integral part of an effective wildcat formation. The one time New York Jets player would likely line up at wide-out or wingback.

Raheem Mostert

Raheem Mostert is the fastest running back on the Dolphins roster, and, potentially, in the NFL. Depending on the variation of a wildcat formation, he would most likely line up at quarterback, running back, or wingback.


The Miami Dolphins have the speed to utilize at least a variation of the wildcat formation this season.  The speed this roster has, makes fans and (hopefully), coaches, drool with delight at how the wildcat could be utilized by the Dolphins in 2023. Whether it is utilized or not is a decision that is largely up to Mike McDaniel. Hopefully, he too can see that he has the speed and the right personnel to make the wildcat a success in the NFL. For Dolphins fans, that success will hopefully propel the Miami Dolphins to a highly-successful and long 2023 season.

Main Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images


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