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Top Trade Partners for Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook Trade

Running back Dalvin Cook may have already taken his last snap for the Minnesota Vikings. Without trading or releasing Cook, the Vikings are set to take on a $14.1 million dollar cap hit for 2023. Whether or not the Vikings are willing to commit to this amount of money for the 2023 season is uncertain. There are rumors, Twitter drama, and potential trade partners for Cook, whose skill set is in high demand.

Top Landing Spots for a Dalvin Cook Trade

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have never been afraid to make a big splash. Pairing Tony Pollard with Cook would create one of the most explosive running back rooms in recent memory. Dallas has the cap space to make the trade and they could make a deal with Cook and the Vikings that would benefit all parties. With Dak Prescott having a down year in 2022 and Kellen Moore heading to Los Angeles, leaning on the run game could lead to great success for the Cowboys. Maintaining possession of the ball would also play into the strength of the team: their physical, playmaking defense.

If the Jones family and the coaching staff believe this is the move that will put them over the Eagles and 49ers in the NFC, we could see Dallas trade for Dalvin Cook.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have been a popular name surrounding a Dalvin Cook trade. At the moment, Miami does not have the necessary cap space for his current deal. A new contract would need to be a part of the trade. Contract aside, the fit is perfect for Cook in Mike McDaniel’s offense. They utilize a similar inside/outside zone scheme that Cook has been in through the majority of his career, but McDaniel seems to have learned the details from Kyle Shanahan that separates from other offenses. It also helps to have weapons like Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle at receiver to open lanes for Cook.

Miami was able to re-sign both Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson. Mostert has home-run hitting ability like Cook but has been unable to stay healthy in his career. Cook, who already boasts a 4.7 career YPC, would be running wild in the Dolphins offense. The Miami Dolphins would make a great trade partner for Dalvin Cook.

Twitter Drama

Currently, the Minnesota Vikings Twitter header consists of Justin Jefferson, T.J. Hockenson, Kirk Cousins, and……Alexander Mattison?

Mattison is definitely a good player, but leaving out the starting running back for the backup is a deliberate move. If the Vikings and their communications department decided this was a move they wanted to make on social media, there is definitely more going on behind the scenes. Regardless of what started contract disputes between Cook and the Vikings, the two parties seem to be at an impasse.

Vikings’ Options

There is no doubt what Cook brings to the table with his home-run hitting ability and consistency. He has four straight seasons with over 1,100 yards and five straight with 34 or more receptions. He adds value in the run game, pass game, and opens things up for the receivers around him. If the Vikings are unable to find a trade partner for Cook, they will be faced with two options. One, release Cook while taking on $8 million in dead cap. Or two, hold on to Cook and utilize his playmaking and consistency for another year.

It is evident the Vikings are trying to clear cap space for Justin Jefferson and their future plans. However, those plans could be getting in the way of their their pro-bowl playmaking running back helping them win now. The NFL world will know soon if the Vikings will trade Dalvin Cook.

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