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Five Boneheaded Picks in the 2023 NFL Draft

Every team has a reason for hope right now. Not every pick pans out. Who are the five worst picks in the 2023 NFL Draft?
Worst Picks 2023 NFL Draft

The 2023 NFL Draft is officially in the rear view mirror. All 32 teams have reasons for hope. In a draft with more than 200 picks, there are bound to be bad decisions. What are the five worst picks in the 2023 NFL draft?

Five Worst Picks 2023 NFL Draft

Atlanta Falcons – Bijan Robinson RB

Robinson was number two on the 2023 rookie big board coming into the draft. The Falcons got him at number eight, so that’s a win right? Unfortunately, the big board did not account for positional value. The reason Robinson is one of the worst picks in the 2023 NFL draft is his positional value. Running backs just don’t account for wins as often as other positions. If any team can make an argument for taking Robinson this high, it’s Atlanta, but even Arthur Smith’s offense didn’t need him this bad.

Washington Commander – Emmanuel Forbes CB

Forbes is a fine player. He is rotational corner who can reach 60 percent of snaps over a full season. This is less about Forbes as a player, and more about who was on the board at the time of selection. Christian Gonzalez going one pick after could give flashbacks to when Jalen Reagor went one pick ahead of Justin Jefferson. Gonzalez is an athletic freak with some serious competitive drive. Forbes weighs the same as a white tailed deer (166 pounds). Against more physical offenses, Forbes can be completely game-planned out of the game. This pick is a head-scratcher at best.

Detroit Lions – Sam LaPorta TE

Their first two picks, Jahmyr Gibbs and Jack Campbell were also in the running here. None of these three players are necessarily bad. The Lions just did not take full advantage of value during the draft. Laporta ranks highly in the worst 2023 NFL Draft picks for two reasons. First, they successfully executed their offense after moving on from a premium tight end in T.J. Hockenson last year. Their tight end room accounted for the most touchdowns outside of any team other than the Kansas City Chiefs, who have an argument for the GOAT tight end.

The second reason is the other players on the board.  If the Lions really wanted a tight end, they could have added Michael Mayer, or Darnell Washington. Both were higher on the 2023 rookie tight end rankings and are better in both aspects of being a tight end. Washington is hands down a better blocker than LaPorta and possesses freakish athleticism. Mayer is one of the most complete tight end prospects the NFL has seen in a while. Laporta might turn into a serviceable tight end, but there were better options on the board.

Baltimore Ravens – Zay Flowers

It needs to be said again. None of these players are bad and are supreme athletes that everyone should pull for. But from a football analysis perspective, Flowers plays the same position as Odell Beckham Jr. and Rashod Bateman. Yes they all play receiver, but they also all play the same type of receiver. This wide receiver room needed a big bodied guy to line up outside. Instead they have three tweeners they cannot put on the field at the same time. The Ravens scored highly on their draft review because Flowers can replace a need in 2024, but in 2023 they have redundancy all over the field.

Carolina Panthers – Bryce Young

Bryce Young was magic in college. No one is disputing that. But he intentionally bloated up to pretend to be over 200 pounds for the 2023 NFL Combine. If he is actually under 200 pounds (which he definitely is) then he compares to other smaller quarterbacks. Since 2000, no quarterback has played more than three full seasons weighing under 200 pounds. Jeff Garcia had a heck of a career, listed at 205. Young is a historic outlier, and teams shouldn’t bet two first rounders, the best receiver on the team, and the hope of their franchise on a historic outlier. He could prove the haters wrong, but the odds aren’t exactly in his favor. For that reason, the Panthers are on the list for five worst picks in the 2023 NFL Draft.


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