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Five 2023 NFL Draft Day Decisions for the Kansas City Chiefs

Five NFL Draft Day strategies the Kansas City Chiefs can use to win the 2023 NFL Draft and avoid losing leverage in the moment.
NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs

After months of research, the 2023 NFL Draft is now a mere week away. After winning the Super Bowl, the 2023 Kansas City Chiefs will enter next Thursday with selection 31 in round one. They will then have another nine selections throughout the remainder of the NFL Draft, with five total in the top-four rounds. Although the Chiefs have certainly marked off key players, draft day will introduce wild cards that leaves the draft-clock ticking down. Regardless of what happens with those ten picks, here are five fool proof draft day decisions the Kansas City Chiefs can make in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Five 2023 NFL Draft Day Decisions for the Kansas City Chiefs

Trade Down from Round One

The Kansas City Chiefs have historically traded down in the Andy Reid and Brett Veach-era; the one time they traded up for Patrick Mahomes, they found the NFL’s generational player. The Chiefs have always had a nose for the value available at a pick without forcing any decision simply because a player is on the board. If the Chiefs do not see an electric play-maker available at pick 31, they should trade down and add more depth late in round two. The 2023 NFL Draft has very few known quantities and plentiful role players who can add solid depth in round-two.

Draft Multiple Wide Receivers

With ten selections on the 2023 NFL Draft Day, the Kansas City Chiefs cannot miss if they select multiple wide receivers; especially the more electric players in this class. The Chiefs 2022 offensive thrived on big plays with electric playmakers. Although the temptation might be to rest on the 2022 Super Bowl victory, adding new playmakers will keep defensive schemers confused and panicked. Selecting a few new surprises on 2023 NFL Draft Day should keep the Chiefs as a top 2023 NFL offence.


Draft a Tight End High

Travis Kelce has redefined the tight end position for offensive and defensive coordinators. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, Kelce’s reign will soon come to an end. Fortunately, he still has a few seasons left dominating the NFL. By selecting a tight end high in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Chiefs would be introducing a player who can learn from the best and slowly absorb receptions as Kelce ages. No player or fan wants to imagine the days past Kelce, but beginning to prepare for those days in the 2023 NFL Draft will benefit the Chiefs now.

Control the 2023 NFL Draft

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2022; they control the NFL right now. Opposing teams are currently trying to catch up to the Chiefs dynasty, whether that be finding the next Mahomes or Travis Kelce. Much like they largely controlled defenses by adding new wrinkles every week, the Chiefs should stay quiet on draft day and consider only revealing any desired trades at the right moment. By catching conference teams off guard, the Super Bowl champions might leverage more favourable trade positions.

Draft for Depth on the Defensive Line

The 2022 Kansas City Chiefs had remarkable health on the way to their Super Bowl Championship, a key feature on any team. To repeat in 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs need to add depth to ensure if an injury happens, defensive rushers can immediately fill in. Adding continuous pressure on the quarterback, even from rookie rushers, will help cement the Chiefs as the team to beat in the AFC West, and across the AFC.

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