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Jaren Hall 2023 NFL Draft Profile

Quarterback Jaren Hall is a quaterback looking to make a name in the NFL. Hall can be the biggest sleeper in the 2023 NFL Draft.
Jaren Hall

Jaren Hall NFL Draft Overview

Position: QB
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 205
School: BYU

2023 NFL Draft: Jaren Hall Scouting Report

Jaren Hall is a typical dual threat quarterback looking to find a home in the NFL. A three star recruit out of high school, Hall is a player who will give it his all. Has a chance to be a starter down the road but most analysts have him as a long term backup. Of course, the first thing to stand out is his lack of size at 6’0″ and 205 lbs weight. Still, he is more than meets the eye.

Hall will be the perfect teammate. Although he comes from BYU, unfortunately where Zach Wilson also came from, he is well liked and is a great role model on and off the field, while being very teachable. His size also should not be an issue as long as he understands when to run when a play breaks down. He instinctively feels pressure in the pocket, and this might be what separates him from other late-round quarterbacks. Hall is more than capable to throw outside of the pocket while focusing downfield and running the ball comes natural to his DNA.

The breakdown of making plays on the next level is the key to his success. In the NFL, the speed of the game is super-speed. He possesses the ability to make any throw with more than capable arm strength. His deep ball is beautiful to watch, as he puts it on the numbers with a very light touch. Moreover, his completion percentage averaged 65 percent. At times he locked onto the hot receiver and will need to improve his leading throws.

The ideal spot for Hall is learning behind an experienced veteran with dual threat ability. Hall could flourish with the right system and the best coach to match his strengths. Moreover, he has overcome some injuries every year in college. Another knock on him is his age at 25 years old. Although, this is because at BYU all students are required to perform a two year mission. The two years really isn’t much long term, but some teams will be irked by that one number.

He was a consistent winner at BYU recording 16 wins against eight losses. Furthermore, throwing 52 touchdowns against only 11 interceptions counts as a stable player under center. Nothing is going to rattle this kid. He comes from a football family. The belief is there. He will need more reps for coaches to also believe in him before he takes the helm of an NFL team.


  • Dual threat and throwing on the run
  • High character
  • Consistency with throwing percentage
  • More than capable arm strength
  • Natural instinct to feel pressure


  • Lack of going through progressions
  • Lacking the build for prototype
  • Depends on his legs too much
  • Older than most players
  • At times can be streaky

NFL Player Comparison: Kyler Murray

Teams With A Need: New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Houston Texans, Las Vegas Raiders, New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts

Projection: Mid to late fifth round

Bottom Line on Jaren Hall

There is always a late round diamond in the rough in every NFL Draft. It’s impossible to predict the one quarterback to overachieve each year. However, coaches and fans should not bet against Jaren Hall. Hall is extremely disciplined in his craft. Every coach would love to have a Jaren Hall on the roster.

Hall brings intangibles to any team looking to develop a teachable young quarterback. The lack of size and the age of 25 leaves plenty of room will create doubters. Regardless, Hall is going to be around for awhile. If he gets a chance, there is already plenty to like about Jaren Hall.

Main Image: Rob Gray – USA TODAY Sports


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