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Washington Commanders Roster Update: Retaining All-Pro Jeremy Reaves and Releasing J.D. McKissic amid Injury Concerns

Jeremy Reaves playing for Washington

In anticipation of the NFL’s new league year commencing tomorrow at 4pm, the Washington Commanders have disclosed two significant roster changes. The team has decided to tender All-Pro Jeremy Reaves while releasing J.D. McKissic due to injury concerns.

Jeremy Reaves: A Journey of Perseverance

Since joining the Washington Commanders’ practice squad in 2018, Jeremy Reaves has experienced a rollercoaster journey with the team. The last season, however, marked a series of firsts for Reaves: his debut on the initial 53-man roster, his election to the Pro Bowl, and his selection to the AP All-Pro team. These milestones crowned his five-year NFL career.

Reaves entered the offseason as a restricted free agent, given his fluctuating status on the team. However, Washington has officially tendered him, utilizing the original round/right of first refusal strategy. As a result, Reaves will remain with the team on a one-year contract valued at $2.627 million.

J.D. McKissic’s Unfortunate Departure

Running back J.D. McKissic’s time with the Washington Commanders has come to an end following two consecutive season-ending neck injuries. With his release, the team saves $1.23 million while leaving $2 million in dead money on this year’s salary cap. Head coach Ron Rivera expressed doubts about McKissic’s future after the season, and Washington has ultimately decided to part ways with the talented player who provided several memorable moments during his tenure.

Implications of the Roster Moves

These two roster moves demonstrate the Washington Commanders’ commitment to retaining and rewarding talent while making tough decisions in the face of injury concerns. By tendering Jeremy Reaves, the team acknowledges his perseverance and exceptional performance last season. The one-year deal offers Reaves the opportunity to prove himself further and potentially secure a more lucrative, long-term contract with the team or elsewhere.

Conversely, the release of J.D. McKissic illustrates the difficult choices teams must make regarding players with recurring injuries. While McKissic showcased his skills during his time with the Commanders, his unfortunate injuries raised doubts about his ability to contribute consistently in the future. By parting ways with McKissic, Washington can allocate resources to other areas in need of improvement and seek a more reliable option at the running back position.

Looking Forward: Washington’s Strategy

As the NFL’s new league year approaches, the Washington Commanders will likely continue to evaluate their roster and make necessary adjustments. The tendering of Reaves and release of McKissic signal the team’s intentions to prioritize talent, consistency, and long-term potential when making decisions.

With Reaves secured for the upcoming season, Washington can focus on reinforcing other areas of the team. The Commanders will need to find a suitable replacement for McKissic, possibly exploring free agency or the draft to identify a promising running back. Additionally, the team may use the cap savings from McKissic’s release to bolster other positions in need of support.

Ultimately, these roster moves set the stage for an interesting offseason in Washington. Fans and analysts alike will be eager to see how the Commanders navigate the challenges ahead and work to build a competitive roster for the new league year.


The Washington Commanders have made two crucial roster changes just before the NFL’s new league year begins. By tendering All-Pro Jeremy Reaves and releasing J.D. McKissic, the team has demonstrated its commitment to retaining valuable talent while making difficult decisions in the face of injury risks. As the Commanders prepare for the upcoming season, these moves serve as a reminder of the team’s strategic approach to building a strong and competitive roster. Fans and observers will undoubtedly watch closely as Washington continues to make adjustments in pursuit of success on the field.


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