Cameron Sutton Signs Contract With Detroit Lions

Cameron Sutton Contract

NFL veteran cornerback Cameron Sutton signed a new contract with the Detroit Lions. Sutton has spent his entire career to date with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cameron Sutton, Detroit Lions, Agree to Contract

In 2022 Sutton was a key member of the Steelers defense. After playing 94 percent of the team’s defensive snaps, Sutton ended the season with the third most interceptions on the team. He recorded 3 interceptions, 43 total tackles and 15 passes defended.

The Steelers drafted Sutton in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He was the 15th corner selected in a class loaded with corner talent. Sutton began his rookie season on injured reserve due to a hamstring injury but was active to close out the season. Sutton played as a depth piece for the Steelers for the next two seasons, playing in 31 games but only starting in one. Between 2017 and 2019, Sutton recorded only two interceptions and 43 tackles. As Pro Bowler and likely future Hall of Famer Joe Haden aged out of the lineup in 2020, Sutton stepped into more of a starting role. The Steelers re-signed Sutton to a two year, nine-million-dollar deal heading into 2021.

In 2021 Sutton stepped into training camp projected to be the starter. He started and played in 16 games while allowing a 104.9 passer rating. Despite earning the starting role, Sutton struggled. He allowed five touchdowns while only recording two interceptions and missed 16.4 percent of tackles. For perspective, the average NFL defender misses less than ten percent of tackles.

The young corner cleaned up most of his mistakes in 2022. Sutton improved from his 104.9 passer rating allowed to a 65.3 rating allowed, one of the top numbers on the team. His missed tackle percentage went from 16.1 to 10.4 percent, closer to the league average. Sutton allowed a 47.9 percent completion percentage. After a productive 2022 campaign Sutton is the third overall corner in the 2023 free agency class according to PFF.

Main Photo: Jim Dedmon – USA Today Sports