Fantasy Football: Dynasty Beginner Tips

Dynasty Beginner Tips

The fantasy football season has come to an end. For redraft leagues, that means there’s nothing else to do until August of next year. A great way to supplement redraft is with dynasty. What is dynasty, where can you find a league and how do you win your startup? Sometimes an experienced redraft manager just needs some dynasty beginner tips to dominate their new league.

Six Tips For Beginners In Fantasy Football Dynasty Leagues

What is Dynasty?

Dynasty fantasy football is a format where every team keeps every player year after year. Rather than conducting a new draft every year, there is a rookie expansion draft similar to the real NFL. Rosters are normally larger in size than a redraft league. This means that managers have to roster the third and fourth wide receiver on teams, and the backup running back to others. Due to the deep rosters, there are not as many waiver wire additions week to week, which makes the format a great addition to redraft. The format leads to a higher number of trades, a larger importance on youth, and keeps players engaged year-round despite the short NFL season.

Where Can You Find a League?

There are multiple sites that support dynasty football. Sleeper is a favorite of many, and there are Facebook groups that regularly look for fill-ins. Dynasty Nerds host a podcast regularly and started a group to post advice, find drafts and find orphans. Orphans are a team that the manager decided to no longer continue with, and the league needs a replacement manager. These are just a few of the options, but as long as you want to find a league, you’ll have options.

Dynasty Beginner Tips

First and foremost, understand the format. In a Superflex format (1 QB, and then another slot where players can start a QB/WR/RB/TE) quarterbacks are at a premium. Due to the long life of quarterbacks, and the lack of starters in the league, their value is highest. In a startup, grab a couple in the first four rounds. There is never a time a quarterback will be cheaper than the startup draft.

Understand your roster build. If the board falls the wrong way in the first few rounds, it’s okay to completely punt on running back. Conversely, if the first few rounds result in your team having older players that are primed to compete now, it’s time to take running backs earlier. Players will value youth early, but there reaches a point where it has gone too far. If the rest of your league is afraid of older players, Derrick Henry, Nick Chubb, and Austin Ekeler can’t all fall off of a cliff at once.

Draft for value, trade for need. This goes for both the startup and the rookie draft. Many times a team will feel the need to draft a certain position due to their roster. This can lead to teams reaching for quarterbacks in 1 QB leagues, or reaching for a certain wide receiver or running back when a better player is on the board. In 2020, RB-needy teams reached for Clyde Edwards-Helaire at 1.01 in rookie drafts. Those teams missed out on Ceedee Lamb, Justin Jefferson, Tee Higgins, and Brandon Aiyuk.

The last and most important tip is to use Leaguesafe if you don’t know the other members of the league. Venmo works great for friends and family leagues. But, if you do not personally know your commissioner or anyone else in the league, don’t risk your money in an online scam. Even better, join a free league and get your feet wet before moving to money leagues. Whether it’s your first time in dynasty or you’ve been scouting rookies for the 49ers, we can all use some dynasty beginner tips.

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