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Reports: Lamar Jackson ‘Not Happy’ with Baltimore

Jackson ‘not Happy’ with Baltimore: As per Skip Bayless, Lamar Jackson is not happy with the Baltimore Ravens due to the contract talks.
Lamar Jackson Ravens

As per Skip Bayless on the Skip Bayless Show this week, Lamar Jackson is not happy with the Baltimore Ravens. The source of his dissatisfaction? Unsurprisingly, the stalled contract talks.

On the show, Bayless says that the source he heard about this from is a credible source inside the Ravens facility.

According to the source, Jackson is said to be very unhappy with the Ravens’ handling of his contract situation. The 2019 MVP was offered a $250 million deal but was disappointed that just $133 million was guaranteed. He was expecting a deal more similar to (or exceeding) that of Deshaun Watson’s Cleveland Browns contract. Watson’s deal is fully guaranteed at $230 million.

Bayless says that Jackson is, in effect, ‘holding out without holding out’. While Jackson continues to play hard for the team, his dissatisfaction with the contract situation is seemingly palpable.

What form is this ‘holding out’ taking? Bayless’ source says that Jackson appears less engaged in meetings and has very occasionally been late. These are unusual behaviours for him.

However, the source did assert that Jackson is still giving his all in the games. This suggests that Jackson’s recent slump in form is not down to his frustration at the contract talks, though the timing of this news is peculiar.

‘I’m not even going to suggest he’s giving less during the football games,’ quoted Bayless.

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Lamar Jackson Reportedly Frustrated With Baltimore Ravens

Jackson’s contract talks plagued Baltimore’s off-season and appear to still be the elephant in the locker room.

It is clear what Jackson wants. As a generational talent who won an MVP in his sophomore season, Jackson believes he is entitled to a fully guaranteed contract that would make him one of (if not the) highest-paid players in the league. While his deal already exceeds the ones given by the Arizona Cardinals to Kyler Murray and Denver Broncos to Russell Wilson, Jackson wants and deserves more. The guaranteed money is really the cause of the tension.

Why does Jackson want a fully guaranteed contract? Well, who doesn’t? Jackson wants contract security for the long term. His harsh, abrasive playing style makes him liable to injury and so a long term, fully guaranteed deal means he will get paid what he deserves, no matter what.

Why are Baltimore reluctant to comply? A few reasons. The main reason is whether they believe Jackson is worth a fully guaranteed contract. There is no disputing that Jackson is a fine player that the franchise wants to keep, but the cost of a fully guaranteed contract may be too high. This is especially given that Jackson had an injury-filled 2021 season that destroyed Baltimore’s playoff hopes.

What is the solution? It remains to be seen. Both parties had previously seemed willing to negotiate, with Jackson even saying that he expects to spend his entire career in Baltimore. But it seems that either that was for show, or something has changed to make Jackson ‘not happy’ with Baltimore.

Both parties have agreed to not discuss the contract matter for the rest of the season, but the issue continues to linger. What does the future hold for Jackson and the Ravens?

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