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Lamar Jackson Expects to Spend Career in Baltimore

Lamar Jackson to Spend Entire Career in Baltimore? Lamar Jackson recently said that he expects to spend his entire career in Baltimore.
Lamar Jackson Baltimore

Lamar Jackson recently shed some positive light on his contract talks, saying that he expects to spend his entire career in Baltimore. The answer came during a press conference after mandatory minicamp, at which Jackson was present, despite missing OTAs.

Lamar Jackson Wants to Stay With Baltimore Ravens

The former MVP is entering the final year of his rookie deal, and contract talks had previously been quiet. Jackson’s contract controversy has marred the Ravens off-season thus far. When asked whether he expects to spend the rest of his career as a Baltimore Raven, Jackson provided a comprehensive answer.

“I expect so. Yes, I do.”

Jackson also mentioned that he has held “private” contract talks with the franchise but did not elaborate further. The 25-year-old was previously reluctant to talk about an extension, according to rumours. However, this positive press conference has surely re-solidified the fanbase’s confidence in Jackson as their franchise quarterback.

Many pundits rumoured that Jackson could refuse to play this season. His aggressive and physical play style increases his chance of injury, making contract security especially important. His injury-riddled 2021/22 season evidenced this.

When asked whether he would only play if he had an adequate contract, Jackson replied: “I play football”.

The Ravens seem to be close to extending their franchise quarterback. Nothing has been officially signed yet but the fact that Jackson expects to spend his entire career in Baltimore is a welcome boost.

Notes From Jackson’s Appearance at Mandatory Minicamp

According to Jackson, his absence from the team’s voluntary OTAs was not contract-related.

“I just wanted to stay away and just grind.”

The grinding paid off, as Jackson seemed sharper and bulkier than before. His improved throwing mechanics particularly impressed the coaches.

His absence from OTAs did not affect his chemistry with his receivers either. He connected well with Rashod Bateman, James Proche, and Tylan Wallace, among others.

Many believed that Jackson was unhappy with the front office after Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown was traded to the Arizona Cardinals.

However, Baltimore have been hard at work in developing the deep passing game to account for Brown’s departure. With Jackson’s improving arm, the pieces seem to be coming together for a rebound season in 2022/23 for the Ravens.


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