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Atlanta Falcons Schedule: Easiest Games of 2022

Atlanta Falcons schedule

Training camp is on the horizon for the Atlanta Falcons. While waiting, Last Word on Pro Football is analyzing the schedules of all 32 NFL teams. It will be split into two categories: the most difficult games (1-9) and the easiest (10-17). Let’s continue and dive into the easiest games on the Atlanta Falcons schedule.

Atlanta Falcons Most Difficult Games

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Easiest Games on 2022 Atlanta Falcons Schedule

10) Week 17: vs. Arizona Cardinals

Here’s a prime opportunity to upset a championship contender in the middle of their playoff run. What a way to bring in the new year. Kliff Kingsbury’s seat is not the hottest, but it is definitely warm. One of the chief reasons is his inability to finish strong in the season. Also, the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver corps is not one that should cause the Falcons problems. With as physical as the Falcons should be at this point, this should be a prime opportunity for a victory. 

11) Week 1: vs. New Orleans Saints

Alright, let’s make this quick. Arthur Smith has been through Week 1 and learned from his mistakes. Dennis Allen has not. This game will be his first in-season game on the sidelines as head coach for the New Orleans Saints. A perfect way to ruin this change of the garb would be to beat a Saints team that is aggressively looking to compete this year. Last year’s week one performance from Jameis Winston could give some hope for fans of the black and gold but let’s be honest. Nobody knows what Winston will come from this off-season. Hopefully, this means the Falcons can finally be over .500 for the first time since 2017. 

Easiest Games Atlanta Falcons

12) Week 3: @ Seattle Seahawks

Nobody wants to play in Lumen Field (formerly CenturyLink Field). That’s the truth. Those fans in that stadium are as loud as they come in the league. But will this year’s Seattle Seahawks team give them much to cheer for? Their former franchise quarterback is over in Denver, fighting for his life in the AFC West. Who will lead the offense? Drew Lock? Geno Smith? Neither are real threats to any of the 31 defenses. This game is also an opportunity for the Atlanta Falcons to identify what type of team they are on the offensive side of the ball. While their defense ranked 11th in points, they ranked 28th in yards in 2021. They are liable to give up yards, but offenses did not finish the deal. If the Falcons are looking to compete as they want to this year, they will need to end drives in the end zone.

13) Week 12: @ Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders are, more or less, the same team that eeked out a close victory against last year’s Atlanta team. This year’s team is much different, but one thing did not change. That offensive line still has to deal with that defensive line, and it will not be fun. So, why is this game still deemed an easy game? Two words: Carson Wentz. If he’s still playing at this point. This Atlanta defense should be better than last year’s and able to get more turnovers. And if one person will give a team some turnovers when they need them, it is Carson Wentz. Also, this defense did not enjoy guarding the passing game, even with their front’s pressure. They were last in the league in passing touchdowns allowed. Let’s see if Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and company can capitalize. 

14) Week 13: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

By this time, Kenny Pickett should be the starter. Unlike the Falcons, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a bye week perfect for a quarterback change: Week nine. The Steelers will have themselves a formidable defense, that is true. But Pickett is going to take some time to get used to the speed of the NFL. Dean Pees will be chomping at the bit to throw exotic blitz packages at the young quarterback. The only caveat will be the offense and their ability to capitalize on the extra opportunities these stalled drives will afford them.

15) Week 8: vs. Carolina Panthers

On paper, this should be one of the easiest games for the Atlanta Falcons, but it is a divisional game. But this is paper, and since this is on paper, we go by that metric. The Carolina Panthers have an entire sideline on the hot seat and a roster that will not compete. How much more bleak can it become? Oh, yeah. Sam Darnold. The countdown to Matt Corral begins.

16) Week 10: @ Carolina Panthers

See above but also add in a short week. 

17) Week 11: vs. Chicago Bears

This game is by far the best time that the Falcons could see a quarterback change if Ridder has not already won the job. Three extra days of rest and preparation. The Chicago Bears did nothing to help their offense, and the defense was not adept at causing turnovers or stopping points. One of the reasons was the 29 turnovers lost by the offense, which led to the 29th worst starting field position for the defense. The average drive started on the Chicago 31-yard-line. That’s field-goal range for Younghoe Koo and most NFL kickers. 

Atlanta Falcons Most Difficult Games


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