Philadelphia Eagles Finally Acquire An X Receiver

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The Philadelphia Eagles and Howie Roseman have been striking out all offseason at the wide receiver position. They chased many different prominent names. Whether it was Allen Robinson, Robert Woods, or many others we watched as all these big names landed elsewhere.

Well Eagles fans, Howie Roseman finally filled that hole. In the minutes leading up to Philadelphia’s second pick of the first round, the Eagles made a blockbuster move, trading the 18th overall pick to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for superstar wide receiver A.J. Brown.

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Philadelphia Eagles Finally Acquire A True X Receiver

Comparable Trades

Given the going rate for wide receivers, this offseason seeing the Eagles get Brown for a first and third-round pick is fair, to say the least. After watching Davante Adams fetch Green Bay a first and a second-round pick and watching as Miami traded five picks to Kansas City for Tyreek Hill, it became apparent that wide receivers are valued higher than ever before.

The contracts handed to these men were just as large as their personalities. Adams was handed a five-year $141.25 million deal with $67.5 million fully guaranteed, and an average of $28.25 million a year Adams quickly put his name on the map for highest-paid wide receivers.

Shortly following the trade of Adams, rumors started to come out about Tyreek Hill wanting a new deal as well. Within hours it seemed, he was traded as well. This time Miami acquired Hill and handed him a four-year, $120 million deal with a guaranteed $72 million and will average $30 million. To acquire Hill Miami gave up their 2022 first, second, and fourth-round picks, as well as fifth and sixth-round picks in 2023.

Making Sense of the Move

You can see when looking at these deals, the move made by the Eagles makes a lot of sense. You acquire a young up-and-coming wideout, who is ultimately cheaper than Hill or Adams. He was immediately resigned to a 4 year $100 million contract with $57 million guaranteed. The thing that gets me here is the draft pick compensation.

Brown is just 24 years old. There were rookies in this year’s draft older than him. When you look at Hill and Adams, they are both rounding the corner to 30. Granted wideouts tend to play deep into their 30s, how can you argue with acquiring a receiver in his prime, who will only be 28 by the end of his contract?

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