Bill Belichick Must Prove He Can Win Without Tom Brady

Bill Belichick Tom Brady

Even after all he has accomplished, Bill Belichick must prove he can win without Tom Brady. He must get the proverbial monkey off his back and quiet the many doubters. Otherwise, history will not be kind.

Belichick is the greatest coach in football history and is arguably the greatest coach in the history of any sport. However, many doubt he can win at a high level without Brady, and it is tarnishing his legacy. Now that Brady is back and still playing at an elite level, those doubters will only be more emboldened unless Belichick can prove them wrong.

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Bill Belichick Without Tom Brady Lacks Results

Many fans now believe Belichick is only successful because he hit the jackpot by drafting Brady at the end of the 2000 NFL Draft. They will point to his record without Brady to make their argument, and that record is dreadful. Belichick is 70-79 overall without Brady and 29-58 against teams with a .500 winning percentage or better. 

Social media was buzzing after the New England Patriots got smoked 41-17 by the Buffalo Bills in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. NFL fans around the league were mocking Belichick without mercy. They doubted his ability, his philosophy, and his integrity.  

Those who believe in Belichick pointed out that making the playoffs with a rookie quarterback is a great accomplishment, but it was no use. The doubters pointed to the new playoff format that allowed more teams to make the playoffs and the four straight weeks when the Patriots faced teams missing their best offensive player.

After two seasons without Brady, fans and pundits around the league dismissed the resume of the legendary coach. Their perception will not keep Belichick out of the Hall of Fame or change his accomplishments, but it will leave a cloud of doubt around his ability. 

The Time for Belichick to Prove His Legacy Without Tom Brady is Near

If Belichick is going to prove he can win without Brady, he needs to do it in the next three or four years. Not only because he will be in his seventies, but that is Mac Jones’s rookie contract length. The team will have to decide by the end of the 2023 season if they will pick up his fifth-year option with guaranteed money. After that, Jones will likely be in line for a massive contract, which obviously leads to fewer resources for the rest of the roster.

The alternative is far more undesirable, starting over at quarterback and several other key positions. The free agents they signed last season with historical spending will only be around for two to four years. It is also hard to imagine Belichick coaching past that window. So, the time is near for him to polish his legacy.

Bill Belichick Must Have a Rebuttal to Tom Brady’s Success

Belichick has accomplished more in the league than anyone could dream of doing. As a head coach, he is a six-time Super Bowl champion and earned two more Super Bowl wins as a defensive coordinator for the New York Giants. It would not be surprising if the league even named the coach of the year award after him. However, one thing is missing from his resume, winning without Brady. It leaves his success open for debate. 

It would be a shame for Belichick to finish his career after Brady just wallowing in mediocrity. When the coach and quarterback parted ways, the fans thought Belichick had a plan. They felt he could build a championship roster without Brady soaking up all the money. It does not seem that way. Two seasons have passed, free agency started, and the team has fallen even further behind in the league. 

A majority of fans worldwide now believe that Brady was the main reason for all the success in New England. It is inconceivable that Belichick would finish his career without a rebuttal. He must prove his critics wrong, or their perception will become the narrative, and history will be watching. 

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