Divorcing From Daniel Jones Will Not Solve New York Giants Offensive Problems

The New York Giants and Daniel Jones appear headed for divorce, but not until the conclusion of the 2022 season. Some in the Big Blue community may feel Jones is being portrayed as a scapegoat. His departure will not solve the Giants offensive problems. But this possible divorce has more to do with how the Giants failed to provide a supporting cast for Jones. The G-Men are amidst another rebuild as this four-time Super Bowl-winning franchise has not played in the playoffs since 2016. The Giants have fallen so far that they are on the brink of irrelevancy.

The renewed optimism for the new front office combination of general manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll should not mask the regression of the offense. Addressing the quarterback position should not be their top priority this off-season.

Daniel Jones and New York Giants Parting Ways Will Not Solve Team’s Offensive Problems

What To Do With Daniel Jones

Reconciliation is always on the table. The reason being neither Schoen nor Daboll have a definitive opinion on Jones. They need more information to determine if he is good enough to be a foundation piece in the rebuild. It is tough to get a true read on Jones. In 37 career starts, he has shown promise but not enough production to justify a long-term deal. His critics feel Jones has rarely shown the ability to lift his team to victory from the jaws of defeat.

Of course, there is time for Jones to change everyone’s opinion of him. But questions remain if Jones can grow into the role of a team leader. Still, Schoen and Daboll’s plan might be born out of default, at least in the immediate future. The Giants have too many holes on their roster to trade away their draft capital for an established quarterback. Schoen is smart enough to know he cannot sacrifice salary cap space to acquire what would be perceived as an upgrade at quarterback.

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The Giants will let the 2022 season play out before making a final decision on Daniels. However, if Daboll believes in Jones, he will be the Giants quarterback moving forward.

Offensive Line Troubles Hindered Jones’ Growth

In theory, it has been a classic case of mismanagement in Jones’ development process. The lack of passing accuracy and inconsistent play in the pocket is a by-product of poor personnel decisions by former general manager Dave Gettleman. One of Gettleman’s biggest failures was his inability to build a good offensive line during his tenure with the Giants.

The current state of the unit is not befitting for an NFL quarterback. The fortunes of the Giants offense could change by adding a couple of offensive linemen to the mix. It is almost a guarantee that Schoen will select a tackle with the fifth or seventh-overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Jones Must Prove What He Is Capable of in 2022

Right now, it does not make sense for the Giants to offer Jones a contract extension. And picking up his fifth-year option ($21 million) is too big of a commitment at the moment. He has something to prove as his NFL career is on the line. But Jones cannot worry about what he cannot control. He must pick himself up and prove his worth to the Giants. An outstanding 2022 campaign will improve his immediate financial future. The Giants may sign him to a new deal or franchise tag him for the following season if Jones plays well in 2022.

A coaching change brings the third different offensive playbook that Jones will have to learn in the off-season. It puts him in a difficult situation as he must show improvement in a new offense ye again. The positives are Jones does not give the impression of being overwhelmed with memorizing the new terminology.

The key to success will be Daboll and Jones being on the same page. In terms of executing the game plan. The Giants new offensive coaching staff will need to be willing to call whatever plays are working best and attack each opposing defense. But every play that is called must bring out Jones’ strengths.

No one knows what the future holds. The Giants might pick up Jones’ fifth-year option for the 2023 season or they might offer him a big contract extension. For Jones, 2022 holds all the answers to his questions.

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