Could Sean Payton be the Next Dallas Cowboys Head Coach?

Sean Payton Dallas Cowboys
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The relationship between Jerry Jones and Sean Payton is no secret. When the long-time coach of the New Orleans Saints stepped down earlier this week, many thought this was the perfect entry time for Coach Payton to finally take control in the Dallas Metroplex. As the former offensive coordinator for the Cowboys under Bill Parcells, Payton has always had an interest in returning home. Sean Payton almost became head coach in 2019 to replace Jason Garrett. Yet that was halted due to the departure of Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans. Saints’ owner Gayle Benson also owns the New Orleans Pelicans. She did not want to be responsible for two important New Orleans Sports figures leaving in the same year. Jerry Jones dismissed the thought of Payton coaching the Cowboys this year in an interview on 105.3 The Fan today. However, he did have high praise for Payton and the idea of him coaching the Cowboys in the future is not completely dead.

Could Sean Payton be the Next Dallas Cowboys Head Coach?

Sean Payton Dallas Cowboys Connection

Jerry Jones was quoted saying on 105.3 The Fan earlier today…

“Sean is easy and really pleasant to be around, He does things that really help ball teams, and help motivate players.  He’s got ‘it’… (his) natural, instinctive, leadership, or spontaneous type of approach to life, his approach to his team, his approach to his associates is a real asset to him. He makes the drudgery of the game, which is physical, boy you need some lightness from time to time in there to handle the rigors of a football team, a season, or sometimes even a game. He knows how to punch those buttons”

It’s clear that Jerry Jones is a fan of Payton and the two have a relationship. Yet he also iterated that Mike McCarthy would be back and that he is an important part of the team. He gave coach McCarthy a lot of credit for retaining Dan Quinn. Jerry Jones also noted that he has every coach under a contract that he wants to be under contract. In other words, McCarthy’s deal that runs through 2024 remains the plan.

Mike McCarthy’s Short Leash

However, with everyone’s job seeming secure for this season, it’s important to realize that Jerry Jones doesn’t have much patience. At 79 years old, Jerry Jones is likely in “win now” mode for the rest of his life. Jerry Jones made it clear that he needs to win at least one more Superbowl before it’s all said and done, and each year that passes without winning one, the more desperate he will become. It is fair to say that this season was an immense disappointment for the Jones family and staff changes are likely to occur. Next season is likely a Super Bowl-or-Bust season for Mike McCarthy. If he cannot at least reach the NFC Championship game and Sean Payton is willing to return to coaching, it is likely that a head coaching change is made the following year. It feels like it is a lame-duck year for Coach McCarthy which could be a lot of pressure for the third-year head coach. How he responds to said pressure will likely determine if he can keep his job going forward.

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