A Detroit Lions Victory Would Show Coaching Staff’s Resourcefulness

Detroit Lions Victory
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The Detroit Lions game in Seattle was far from the expected near-win, or shocking upset. The Lions evaporated in nearly every phase of the game, dropping a final score of 29-59. There was not even snow to make the game memorable. In a year of drab matches, it was one of the worst. Yet, the Lions have one last chance for “next week” to obtain their third win of the season. Sunday’s game is a chance for a Detroit Lions victory that would boost team moral and show the coach staff’s resourcefulness heading into an off-season that features a lot of questions. Many of those questions may have more positive answers than in previous seasons, and Sunday is a chance to show why.

A Detroit Lions Victory Against the Green Bay Packers Would Boost Moral for Future Staff

The Backup Factor

The situation Sunday will likely unfold such that most of the Packers starters do not play a complete game. Green Bay has clinched the number one seed and the bye-week for the NFC heading into the playoffs. They may play a quarter of football to avoid ‘rustiness’ after two weeks off. Even so, assessing the Lions off this game will be difficult in a vacuum if Green Bay sits their starters down the stretch.

The basics for the Lions, however, must improve over the showing in Seattle. The Seahawks rushing game torched the Lions for 265 yards on the ground. That cannot happen again. Yet, the rush defense is one of the Lions weakest points. Their front-seven often come up to the line of scrimmage discombobulated and out of order; they need another game where they simply align in an organised manner.

Moreover, the offense needs Jared Goff. Tim Boyle is a backup, and while it surely is exciting for him to play, the coaching staff needs more time with Goff heading into a crucial off-season. Goff’s injury, however, will lead to a game time decision on whether he plays, although he commented he is hopeful to play.

What Can Goff Do to Help Lead the Detroit Lions Towards a Victory?

The centre of Sunday’s match for front-office evaluation will feature Jared Goff and the offensive line. Goff is not going to be a magician, and he will never be the gunslinger the Los Angeles Rams thought him to be. If Goff wants to be the Lions quarterback throughout the rebuild, he must take leadership and avoid crucial interceptions. Even if he opts for check-downs, ignoring the safety’s zone and tossing the ball to his third-option, Goff cannot be the reason the Lions lose.

The offensive line also has a duty to protect Goff, coming back from injury if he plays. He needs all the confidence in the world to stand straight and trust his knee. If he does receive that protection, Amon-Ra St. Brown can serve as a major outlet for puncturing the Packers secondary.

Coaches Need a Resourceful Game

The Packers coaching staff is premier in the NFL, and if the Lions staff plan to be competitive, they must exploit the hidden, unfavourable matchups. Yes, the Packers do leave rushing lanes open, gaps in coverage, and cornerbacks lose sightlines on wide receivers. The Lions staff needs to show a capability to take advantage of those miscues and create mismatches, even if the game results in a loss. Thus, regardless of which starters finish the game for the Packers, Matt Campbell and the Lions have a lot of work and goals to accomplish in the final game of the season.

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