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Cleveland Browns Strengths Will Keep Them in Playoff Race

The Cleveland Browns need to excel in their strengths to stay alive in the playoff race. Consistency on both sides of the ball is key.
Browns Strengths Playoff Race

The Cleveland Browns need to excel in their strengths to stay alive in the playoff race. They were absolutely thrashed 45-7 by the New England Patriots, who weren’t superior to them by any means. But that provided a much-needed wake-up call. There is still hope that Cleveland can stay in this race if they work on the best parts of their game – and do them very well.

Cleveland Browns Strengths Will Keep Them in Playoff Race

The Browns must go 6-1 over their next seven games, no worse than 5-2. There are certain facets of their game that they are strong in. Everything they already do well, they must do even better. That is their only hope.

They Must Win Big Against the Detroit Lions

Against a team that has yet to win all season, two things can happen. The Detroit Lions can go all out and somehow be the better team. Crazier things have happened, and they should not be overlooked. Or the Browns can do what is expected of them and win. But they must win big. Cleveland needs to play better on both sides of the ball, or they will lose confidence going against the Baltimore Ravens twice in three weeks.

Offensive Consistency Is Key

Cleveland’s offensive line left plenty to be desired in Week 10. Missed throws and questionable play-calling were in abundance. It is hoped that the Browns can stay healthy upfront. They are without Jack Conklin for a few more weeks. Jedrick Wills Jr. had a bad game, but he is likely to bounce back. A healthy offensive line will help the offense overall, but most importantly, protect a battered quarterback.

Mayfield has suffered injuries this season and the only way he can play well through them is if Kevin Stefanski places him in situations where he can be comfortable and thrive. Play actions, bootlegs, and quick passing will need to be a major part of the offense. Those have been, for the most part, missing. It will be a huge morale booster if Baker Mayfield bounces back.

Aside from Donovan Peoples-Jones, the Browns are lacking a wide receiver that can beat a defense. There is no immediate remedy for this issue, so they need to excel in other areas. Their run game is one such area when Nick Chubb is back against Detroit. Kareem Hunt should return soon after. If they have any hope of reaching the playoffs, Cleveland has to run the ball well, as they have before.

Defense Needs a Decent Safety

Cleveland gave up 45 points, and they just can’t do that again. The defense was phenomenal against the Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals. Whether they can repeat those performances remains to be seen.

The bad interior play has put the linebackers in an unfavorable situation. However, the safety position has been mediocre, to say the least. John Johnson III has had some shining moments but only because he doesn’t have much competition. Grant Delpit hasn’t been consistent but has flashed some real abilities that need serious polishing. Ronnie Harrison’s coverage is questionable and can’t be relied on.

Ideally, the Browns defense will have Johnson moving around, with Delpit and linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah on the field at the same time. This package provides the versatility and flexibility that is otherwise lacking when Harrison is playing.

Cleveland may not be in the best position for playoff glory right now. But it’s not too late. They have strengths – it’s a matter of focusing on those and using them to their advantage. A few wins in a row will boost morale and put them in the right mindset to keep succeeding.

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