The Miami Dolphins Should Not Make a Deshaun Watson Trade

Deshaun Watson Trade

The NFL trade deadline is just days away and the rumors around Deshaun Watson being shipped are heating up. Rumors about Watson being shipped down to Miami have been circulating for months now. His legal issue still has not been resolved, but he is eligible to play immediately.

Miami Dolphins Should Not Make a Deshaun Watson Trade

There are now new rumors and reports that a deal has in fact been finalized between the Dolphins and the Texans. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross reportedly OK’d the deal, but wants reassurance from the league that Watson won’t be suspended.

It has been reported that the Carolina Panthers, who were originally in the Watson sweepstakes, are not interested anymore, via Ian Rapoport.

The Dolphins should simply not go through with this trade. Tua Tagovailoa is still only in his second year, and still has so much time to develop. He has shown moments where he can be a great quarterback, and has had growing pains along the way. Just like any rookie quarterback coming into the league, there will be ups and downs.

This trade would also look really bad for the team as a whole. Giving up on your fifth overall pick one year ago who was supposed to be the franchise quarterback. You have not set him up for much success, and he hasn’t even played a full season yet. In Tagovailoa’s first 12 full games he started: 2,636 yards, 18 touchdowns, nine interceptions with a 7-5 record. He also has 161 rushing yards and four rushing scores. Trading your potential future franchise quarterback for a guy who we don’t even know is going to be able to play in the league anymore, not just this season, is extremely bad business.

Watson Alone Won’t Fix Dolphins Problems

This poor start to the season does not fall on the quarterback. The Dolphins have a lot of things to work on, and the quarterback position is not at the top of that list. Their defense ranks in the bottom three of the league, and their offensive line has been bullied so far. The defense if anything has to change first before Miami even considers this trade. As for the offensive line, which is currently ranked 31st, they need to step up now. With one of the youngest lines in the NFL, the Dolphins could use a good veteran starter that can come in day one and have an immediate impact. Maybe they should think for trading for a couple lineman first before kicking Tua Tagovailoa to the curb.

The Dolphins have so many issues they need to address first. Whether it be on the field, or the front office and coaching staff. Reports came out earlier this week that coach Brian Flores was losing his team and the locker room and that things aren’t good in Miami right now. Trading for Watson would make this situation much worse than it already is.

The trade deadline is November 2nd at 4:00 PM. Will the Dolphins actually pull the trigger? Or will they stick with Tua Tagovailoa and see if he is finally the franchise guy the Dolphins have been searching for?

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