New Orleans Saints Could Be Courting Future at Quarterback on MNF

One of the biggest stories from this past off-season was the future of the New Orleans Saints at quarterback. Drew Brees retired after the 2020 season, leaving a huge void in the Sean Payton offense. The Saints had a much-publicized quarterback battle, which was ultimately won by Jameis Winston. But Winston has yet to take a leap forward in the Payton offense so far this season. Could the Saints be biding their time for their future quarterback? It is no secret that two high-profile quarterbacks might be available for trade next off-season. Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson are unhappy with their current teams and the Saints could be waiting on one of them. The Saints could use Monday Night Football to court a future quarterback.

New Orleans Saints Courting Future Quarterback

The New Orleans Saints future at quarterback is not yet set with the current roster. On Monday Night Football, the Saints face the Seattle Seahawks. Russell Wilson will be watching the current Saints quarterbacks from the sidelines as he deals with an injury. Jameis Winston is starting right now but playing on a one-year deal. Taysom Hill has a voidable contract after this season that the Saints will likely nullify. Neither quarterback has played at an elite level, though Winston has been a good quarterback. His efforts should not be understated; however, if an elite-level quarterback is available, the Saints should look into it. Neither Taysom Hill nor Jameis Winston is good enough to hold off a guy like Russell Wilson.

One of the New Orleans Saints greatest strengths year over year is the offensive line. This year, the Saints had one player make the NFL’s list of All-Under 25 team. The center for the Saints offensive line, Erik McCoy has been a great find for the Saints in the second round of the 2019 draft. Meanwhile, the Saints two starting tackles made PFF’s top-50 players going into the 2021 season. Ryan Ramczyk and Terron Armstead lead this offensive line, thought of as one of the best in the entire NFL. These two were ranked the third and fourth tackles, respectively, in all of football. PFF ranks the entire unit fourth overall in the NFL. This is the kind of protection Russell Wilson has never had with Seattle. It is also one of the biggest factors which could draw him to New Orleans.

Seattle Taking Russell Wilson for Granted

Russell Wilson’s unhappiness in Seattle was not a big enough story this past off-season. Much of Wilson’s issues stem from the fact that the Seahawks have not provided him with any help on the offensive line. And nothing was done about that this off-season, even after Wilson smoothed things over with the organization. So far in 2021, Wilson is the fourth most sacked quarterback. Through six games, Wilson has been sacked 19 times. This puts him on pace to exceed last year’s sack total. Wilson was sacked 47 times in 2020, the third most of any quarterback. Wilson has taken the 18th most sacks of any quarterback in NFL history. Wilson has played fewer games than anyone in the top 25 all-time. Wilson has cause to be unhappy with the way Seattle has handled their offensive line.

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The Seahawks did not do anything in the draft or free agency to help Wilson either. The Seahawks did not sign anyone significant in free agency. Most of the signings on the offensive line were depth or returning players. Seattle also had just three draft picks in 2021. They did spend a pick on an offensive tackle, but it was not until the sixth round at pick 208. In next year’s draft, Seattle does have six picks but they do not have a first-round pick. Elite talent on the offensive line is nearly always selected early in the draft. If the Seahawks do not trade up or sign a top free agent to make a big difference, it could further the split between the team and Wilson.

Saints Could Impress Wilson on Monday Night Football

Sean Payton could very well use this week’s nationally televised game to impress Russell Wilson. Coming off of a bye week, the Saints and Payton will have a significant game plan for the Seahawks. Expect some shot plays as well as the Saints proving their ability to keep Jameis Winston upright. The Saints are getting healthier as well, with several players and those on the offensive line, set to return on Monday Night Football. If the Saints are able to not only score easily but protect Jameis Winston, then Russell Wilson could bring his talents to the Big Easy next season.

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