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NFL Rumors: Leaked Emails, Josh Gordon Back, Mike Williams Hurting

NFL Rumors: the league says Jon Gruden's emails were the only bad ones, Josh Gordon grateful for his latest opportunity, Mike Williams hurt
NFL Emails

Former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden became the subject of leaguewide ire following leaked emails from an NFL investigation into the Washington Football Team. While the vast majority of the data from said investigation is still unavailable to the public, the latest league comments suggest that no other offensive language surfaced during the investigation. In other news, Josh Gordon is making the most of his latest opportunity, while Mike Williams is battling an injury. 

NFL Rumors: Leaked Emails, Josh Gordon, Mike Williams

According to a report by the Associated Press, the league “did not identify other areas and other individuals it has to contact at club leadership or league leadership levels” while adding that “[t]he NFL did not identify any problems anywhere near what you saw with Jon Gruden” following the investigation into the Washington Football Team. 

Based on this, the league wants you to believe that the unreleased emails are not of consequence. Of course, nobody from the league office will go on record to say this, and it’s hard to take the NFL’s word at face value. 

Historically speaking, the National Football League has a terrible record when it comes to scandals of this nature. From Ray Rice to Tyreek Hill, the league’s primary goal typically seems to be burying as much evidence as possible and saving face rather than seeking justice.

The only way for the league to earn the full trust of the public is to actually release all 650,000 of the investigated emails to the public. Trust has to be earned, and the NFL’s previous shady method of operations has made blind trust impossible. Perhaps Gruden’s emails really were the outlier here, but there is no way to know for sure. 

Josh Gordon Says NFL Return Is “A Blessing”

Longtime veteran wide receiver Josh Gordon is back in the NFL, and this time the former Baylor product plans to stick around a while. Speaking to reporters earlier in the week, Gordon said that “it’s a blessing” to have the opportunity to come back into the league. “I’m in the present. I’m taking it in stride, and I’m enjoying it.”

Gordon realizes that this might be his final opportunity to play in the NFL, and he thinks he’s ready to be a healthy contributor on the football field. “I think perseverance and gratitude, just appreciation for every day, being able to wake up being healthy, having the resources I have at my disposal to use and really go out there and get what it is that I desire most in life, and that right now is playing football in the NFL.” 

Gordon, of course, is best known for his otherworldly 2013 campaign. Despite playing in just 14 games and catching passes from the underwhelming trio of Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, and Jason Campbell, Gordon led the league with 1,646 receiving yards to go along with 87 receptions and nine touchdowns. 

Since then, the talented wideout has struggled to stay on the field thanks to a series of substance abuse suspensions. His longest stretch of play since that season came in 2018, when he played one game with the Cleveland Browns and 11 for the New England Patriots. While he couldn’t contribute in the postseason, he played a big role in helping New England secure a bye week during the regular season. 

Mike Williams Questionable After Missing Practice

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams has been one of the NFL’s biggest surprises through the first five weeks of the season, but he might not suit up in Week 6. The big-bodied receiver hasn’t practiced all week thanks to a knee injury, and the Chargers are officially listing him as questionable for Sunday’s game. 

There is never a good time to miss a game, but Week 6 is going to be especially hard for the Chargers without Williams. Los Angeles faces off against a white-hot Baltimore Ravens team, and this game could have serious implications for postseason seeding. Both teams are 4-1 and atop highly competitive divisions. The winner could very well get the bye week, while the loser might not even win their division. 

Mike Williams has had his moments through the first four years of his career, but he really took off under first-year head coach Brandon Staley. Through the first five games of the season, the former first-round pick has recorded 31 receptions for 471 yards and a league-leading six touchdowns on 51 targets. 

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