Jimmy Garoppolo Exits With Injury in San Francisco 49ers Loss

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The San Francisco 49ers entered all-too-familiar territory on Sunday as quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo finished the game on the sidelines with an injury. It was the most significant development for the Niners in a 28-21 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. San Francisco opened the game with a 71-yard touchdown drive and found a variety of ways to come up short for the rest of the afternoon. Garoppolo threw an interception, their punter missed a field goal and the punt returner fumbled the ball. There were multiple turnovers on downs and repeated three-and-outs. Those marked the end results of fruitless possessions, and a failed onside kick sealed the defeat.

Jimmy Garoppolo Leaves Week 4 Game With Injury

Unlike in the past, this time around, Garoppolo’s injury allows for some intrigue. In rookie Trey Lance‘s first taste of extended action, he was erratic but occasionally productive. The rookie threw two touchdown passes to Deebo Samuel. Samuel finished the game with an impressive 156 receiving yards on the day. Lance completed 9 of 18 passes for 157 yards and rushed for 41 yards on seven attempts. He was inaccurate and only managed a lengthy scoring drive after the game was already all but decided. Anyone on either side of the debate surrounding the supposed quarterback controversy is unlikely to have been converted to the other side based on the performances of both quarterbacks on Sunday. Garoppolo was steady but stagnant and Lance was more productive but largely inconsistent. Garoppolo still figures to be the starter for next week, depending on his injury status.

The Niners pass rush had a solid first half but eventually succumbed to the formidable Seahawks passing attack. The defense allowed three second-half touchdowns. The defensive front wore out after the offense’s repeated inability to stay on the field. The 49ers hope that either Garoppolo if he is healthy, or Lance can get the offense going in their next game.

The Niners second straight defeat leaves little margin for error in the competitive NFC West. Their showing in Week 4 has troubling implications for their ability to keep up with the other teams in their division.

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