Jameis Winston’s DNA is Etched in Stone with Unwavering Faith

Jameis Winston's faith

Just about everything is different this year for the 2021 New Orleans Saints after the prolonged era of Drew Brees. In a way, the acceptance is now on the doorstep going into training camp. Currently, the quarterback battles is ongoing, although the overwhelming favorite is no doubt Jameis Winston. Yet, nothing is certain in the NFL. One play can change the course of a career. One injury could impact the duration of playing time, versus holding a clipboard forever. But make no mistake, Winston’s faith is all he needs.

Jameis Winston’s DNA Comes From Unwavering Faith

The evolution of quarterback Jameis Winston is not exactly related to the football field. Oh it is important. The game of football has provided a life for him and his family beyond most players dreams.

At a recent practice, a reporter asked “You sound like a pastor, is that the way you’ve always been?” Perhaps Winston is not a bonafide pastor but his heightened insight into life’s lessons are relatable to many.

The walk of many Christians on and off the field is never a straight road. Winston has been upfront about his testimony. His unwavering dedication to God has changed over the years. Just like many of us.

Rebounding After Brokenness

However, many of us non-football players likely did not win a Heisman Trophy or a national championship. Also, being under a microscope can show the best and worse in people. And Jameis Winston is at peace with pleasing God before anyone else. The brokenness he has been through may be the one thing that works in his favor the most.

When Jameis Winston shared his testimony with Austin Carr recently, a whole new DNA was exposed the world. “You have to be broken to rebound,” was one of the best quotes Winston offered to Carr regarding adversity. “If you look at all the figures in scripture, they had to be broken before they were blessed.”

Evidently, there is a lot more to Winston than some of his successes and failures on the field. Many fans see players on the field act a certain way versus the real person off of the field. Some may not even care. Regardless, Jameis Winston’s whole make up and faith is a part of his identity on and off the field present day.

In response to the question if he had always had the prose of a pastor, Winston responded, “I’ve always been optimistic, but sometimes I have been too optimistic, right,” Winston said. “I think I had to fine tune that just understanding reality. My gratitude was built from my father, from my mother. I had some humble beginnings and you talk about a pastor, like, I know my Lord and Savior got me.”

Pastor Winston Delivers On Life

Winston has matured over the years. Giving the reason for his successes come from somewhere bigger than him. In other words, Winston knows he cannot do it alone. And he laid it out profoundly to everyone to what moves him.

This makes him a better man and even a father or husband. Does this guarantee success on the field? Of course not. Even Tim Tebow could not promise divine intervention in between the hash marks. Still, doubt him and his beliefs then question Drew Brees. Brees often talked about his walk with Christ too.

There are other Christians whom too etch their game in faith: Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, and former quarterback Phillip Rivers, to name a few. While this is true, a portion of those teams’ fans are not fanatical about players talking about their faith loudly.

Winston is his own man. He has his own walk. Whether that walk off the field will be a winner when all is said is done, only God knows.

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