New York Jets Backup Quarterback Needs

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The New York Jets have been looking for a quarterback to lead them to a Super Bowl ever since Joe Namath left. Joe Douglas and fans are all hoping Zach Wilson will be the long-awaited answer. But do the New York Jets need a backup quarterback? Of course, every team needs a backup. On the current roster, the Jets have two potential backups with Mike White and James Morgan. The problem is, these guys might not be suitable backups if Wilson were to miss a snap. 

Douglas drafted Morgan in the fourth round in 2020, but he did not see the field last season. White has never been in a game as well. When Sam Darnold went down with an injury, it was Joe Flacco who stepped in and kept the Jets competitive. 

Now, Douglas has to decide if he should trade for a new backup or roll the dice with Morgan and White. 

The New York Jets Should Have Several Backup Quarterback Options

At the start of the off-season, there were plenty of potential backups for the Jets to sign. Now, not so much. One quarterback who has been linked to the Jets several times is Nick Foles. Foles started seven games last season for the Chicago Bears but could only win two of them. The Jets will have to acquire Foles through a trade with the Bears. The good news is it is not likely to cost much to obtain the former Super Bowl MVP. He is probably the number one target for the Jets when looking at potential backups.

Another option is for Douglas to wait and see what quarterbacks get cut. It is a bit riskier since it is difficult to predict who will get cut and who won’t. But, if Douglas is not willing to part with a late-round draft pick for a backup, then it might be his plan of action. One team to watch for cutting quarterbacks is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles currently have Flacco and Nick Mullens on their team.

More likely than not, one of those players will get cut.

Flacco has plenty of experience in the NFL and could help teach Wilson a thing or two. It does help he was on the Jets last year too. And, having a new coaching staff might entice him to come back to New York and help build the team. 

Mullens would be another good fit as a backup quarterback. He is familiar with the system Mike LaFleur is installing and can help teach the ins and outs. It is always nice to have someone lead by example how to play in a new offense. If the Eagles end up cutting one of these two quarterbacks, then the Jets should jump quickly on the opportunity to sign them. But, if they do not cut one of them, then Douglas is back to square one. 

Backup Quarterback Atop Jets Needs

Either way, the Jets will most likely address the quarterback room sooner rather than later. Having a backup quarterback with some experience in the NFL could help develop Wilson as a player. It will also give the Jets some peace of mind if there is ever an injury.