Expectations for New York Jets Coaching Staff

Expectations for New York Jets Coaching Staff
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After the 2-14 season for the New York Jets in 2020, the easiest decision was to clear out the coaching staff. General manager Joe Douglas knew he needed to bring in a head coach who is respected around the league and can bring energy to the team. Now, the expectations for the New York Jets coaching staff are higher than ever. 

There were plenty of options for Douglas to choose from when it came to who should be the new head coach of the Jets. But, Douglas was looking for specific characteristics in a head coach. 

Eventually, Douglas decided that Robert Saleh is the best fit for the organization. 

Expectations for New York Jets Coaching Staff

Searching for a new head coach is always a long process. This year, there were plenty of candidates who had enough experience to be an NFL head coach. But, the Jets were looking for something more than just coaching experience. 

Head Coach Robert Saleh

Douglas wanted a head coach who will be the CEO of the team. Someone who will manage the clock well, bring energy into the locker room, and hold people, including himself, accountable. Robert Saleh fits this description. 

It is expected for Saleh to come into the organization and change the culture. Fans want to see players being excited to be on the team and be proud to wear green and white. That will be the most significant impact Saleh could have as a head coach. 

It is also crucial for Saleh to be able to manage the game. Jets fans have seen too many times the coach misuse timeouts or neglect to make second-half adjustments. These are the types of things that can make or break a season and a coach’s career. 

Saleh’s coordinators, Mike LaFleur and Jeff Ulbrich will also need to meet the fan’s expectations. 

Offensive Coordinator Mike LaFleur

The Jets offense was unbearable to watch last season. Everyone expects LaFleur to bring in the Kyle Shanahan system from the San Francisco 49ers. This system will hopefully allow rookie quarterback Zach Wilson to shine and make his transition to the NFL as smooth as possible. 

The league has shifted, becoming more focused on the offense and scoring points. With this new system in place, the Jets offense could transition from one of the worst offensive teams to one of the best. 

Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich

On the other side of the ball, Ulbrich has a big responsibility as well. The Jets have one of the best defensive lines in the league, and the team will need to rely on them to find success. Ulbrich is expected to be the defensive play-caller during games and will have to help his young secondary. 

Being able to use the defensive line to his advantage will be key this year. If they cannot produce results, the Jets will have a hard time stopping opposing offensives. 

Ulbrich will also need to figure out exactly what he has in the linebacker room. Starting middle linebacker, C.J. Mosley has not played in two years. Ulbrich will need to help him become his old self, and lead this defense.

If Ulbrich can do this, then the defense will be successful even though they are young.

In Conclusion

The expectations for the New York Jets coaching staff are higher than any position group. If the coaches can set up their players for success, the Jets will be in good shape this year. Hopefully, this will be the last head coach the Jets have to hire for a long time. 

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