New York Jets Wide Receiver Expectations

Jets Wide Receiver Expectations

Last season might have been one of the worst seasons for wide receivers on the New York Jets. With injuries and poor coaching, the receiving corps was never able to establish themselves. This year, with new Head Coach Robert Saleh, the New York Jets wide receiver expectations much bigger.

In the NFL, the wide receiver corps is among the most important position groups on a team. These guys are expected to make big plays and score touchdowns for the offense. If the Jets cannot rely on the receivers in this offense, then it will once again be a long season for the fans.

Here are the expectations for the projected starting wide receivers of the New York Jets.

New York Jets Wide Receiver Expectations in 2021

Corey Davis

Corey Davis was a priority free agent for General Manager Joe Douglas this off-season. He may also be one of the best signings the Jets have made in a long time. Last season, Davis finished with 984 receiving yards even though Davis did not play in all 16 games. Had he been healthy all year, he would have easily surpassed the 1,000-yard mark.

This year, Davis should be able to have a similar season statistically. Although there might be some early struggles and he will face tougher competition, Davis can still succeed. The Jets will be sure to find ways to get him the ball.

Without a doubt, Davis is their top wideout going into the season. He will be the leader of the wide receiver corps and a safety blanket for Zach Wilson. Also, he might be the best wide receiver the Jets have had since Brandon Marshall.

Denzel Mims

Denzel Mims was someone every Jets fan was excited to see last year. Unfortunately, due to injury, Mims only played in nine games. But, during that stretch, Mims was able to average 15.5 yards per reception.

Mims’ ability to block downfield will be vital for him to see more snaps. The new offense will rely heavily on the run game, and having wide receivers who block has become extremely valuable. It could also set up play-action very nicely.

He can also be a red-zone threat for the Jets. Last year, Mims wasn’t able to score one touchdown. But, Wilson has an extraordinary ability at throwing jump balls to receivers, and Mims could be the best receiver for him to target.

Hopefully, Mims will be able to stay healthy this year and will help the Jets win games. After all, there’s a reason why he was the team’s second-round pick a year ago. 

Elijah Moore

With the 34th overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the New York Jets selected Elijah Moore. He could easily be one of the best picks of the draft for the Jets. So far, he has been impressive in OTAs and is a constant problem for the defense.

Moore might be one of the quickest players in the NFL, and it will help him have plenty of success. Creating separation from the defensive back is critical in this league, and it sounds like Moore can do this on every play. One surprising piece of news is Moore has been a monster in the red zone so far. If he can become a reliable target inside the 20-yard line, then the offense can score more often in these situations.

Expectations are high for the rookie, but it sounds like the Jets are confident that he will live up to the hype.

Jamison Crowder

Jamison Crowder was the leader of the wide receiver corps for the past two seasons. This year he will most likely have a less prominent role in the offense given the additions of the other receivers. Crowder has strictly been a slot wide receiver since coming to the Jets, and we shouldn’t expect that to change.

We might see him and Moore splitting time early on in the season. But, barring injury, as the season progresses, Moore will most likely take on more of the snaps. There is still a place for Crowder on this team though.

He will be a veteran presence in the locker room and can help teach the younger guys how to be successful in the NFL. He may not have similar statistics to his past seasons, but he will still positively impact the team.

The New York Jets wide receivers have big expectations coming into this season. If these guys can deliver, then it will be a fun year for Jets fans. At the very least, they will be much better than what the Jets had last season.

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