2021 NFL Draft: Jaylen Twyman Player Profile

Jaylen Twyman
Jaylen Twyman NFL Draft Overview
Position: Defensive Tackle
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 290 pounds
School: Pittsburgh Panthers

Jaylen Twyman 2021 NFL Draft Player Profile

Today’s NFL defensive coordinators are obsessed with finding productive players regardless of location, such as Pittsburgh’s Jaylen Twyman. Despite an undersized frame, the motor is vicious, and the productivity when on the field cannot be ignored. Playing a style of football that bears some resemblance to a former Panther alumni in Aaron Donald, Twyman has the ability to be good enough to be a star in the NFL as an inside threat.
Coming from Washington DC’s H.D. Woodson high, Twyman was seen as a prospect that may have been vertically challenged but not a player worth overlooking. On the field at Pittsburgh, Twyman played admirably. After playing sparingly as a freshman, Twyman broke out as a sophomore, registering 10.5 sacks. Though he opted out his junior season, he is still considered one of the better defensive line prospects in this draft.


  • Violent Hands;
  • Productive;
  • Eats up space on the line;
  • Gains proper leverage;
  • Gets to the quarterback well;
  • High levels of strength.


  • Mostly a pass rusher as opposed to run-stuffing;
  • Lacks size;
  • Struggles if he loses his first step;
  • Needs to address biting on play-action;
  • Needs to get better at anticipating the snap.
NFL Comparison: Michael Pierce
Projection: Early second-round

Bottom Line on Jaylen Twyman

Jaylen Twyman has both the physical and productive measurables to thrive in the NFL. Though he opted out, his performance at his pro-day ensures scouts that he has stayed in shape away from the game. He has the quickness that is coveted among all defensive linemen.  Also, he continues to play with a chip on his shoulder. Finally, the NFL is a quarterback-driven league. Twyman’s ability to get after the quarterback will have defensive coordinators salivating at the mouth. When on the field, he’s a player that cannot be ignored.
However, his biggest issue is his height. However, that’s not something he can control. Also, he tends to bite easily on play-action. Finally, he has had trouble not providing the same scare if he doesn’t get the first step. However, aside from his height, any flaw that he may have is easily fixable. Also, playing a revered position in the school given who played the same role, Twyman has an advantage. The NFL needs guys to dominate the trenches. Super Bowl LV was a prime example of how the line of scrimmage tends to favor those who invest time and resources.
Jalen Twyman is what a team needs in a defensive lineman, and given the right situation, he has the potential to become a Pro-Bowler instantly and be amongst the best in the league. He has what it takes, and teams should not be afraid to take a flier and insert him into their lineup. It’s a far greater reward than a risk.

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