NFL Rumors: Kyle Pitts, Dallas Cowboys, Bill Belichick

The NFL Draft is less than three weeks away, and there has already been a lot of movement near the top of the board. However, according to the latest NFL rumors, there could be more in the coming days. Dallas Cowboys owner and de-facto general manager Jerry Jones is reportedly “infatuated” with tight end Kyle Pitts, and could trade up to secure his services. In other news, Lane Kiffin went on the Pat McAfee Show and spoke about what makes Bill Belichick one of a kind in the draft.

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NFL Rumors: Jerry Jones “Infatuated” With Kyle Pitts, Bill Belichick’s Unique Drafting

Jerry Jones is arguably the most famous owner in the NFL and never shies away from a headline. He’s never been afraid to make a big move, and that trend could continue in 2021. According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Jones is “infatuated” with Kyle Pitts and, if these rumors are to be believed, could be willing to trade up from the 10th overall selection.

Pitts is currently projected to be a top-five pick, so Jones would probably need to trade with either the Atlanta Falcons or Cincinnati Bengals. This might not be easy, as both of those picks are reportedly in high demand from quarterback-needy teams. The San Francisco 49ers gave up three first-round picks for the right to the third-overall pick, and there is a chance Jones would need to give up something similar to get into the top five. This is a high price to pay for any individual player, especially one that isn’t a quarterback.

If this trade actually goes down, Dallas could have the best supporting cast in the league. Kyle Pitts is the best tight end prospect to come out in quite some time, and he’d join a star-studded offense. Dak Prescott signed his long-term deal, Amari Cooper is a legitimate WR1, CeeDee Lamb looks like the next big thing, and Michael Gallup might just be the best third receiver in football. Assuming health, this team would have the ability to blow-for-blow with any offense in the league.

Lane Kiffin Explains Bill Belichick’s Attention to Detail

Bill Belichick is widely considered the greatest coach of all time, and he wouldn’t have achieved that title if he didn’t have the ability to identify NFL talent at the collegiate level. While the 2017-2019 drafts left a little something to be desired, the eight-time Super Bowl champion had an overwhelming successful resume when on the clock.

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin went on the Pat McAfee Show and explained what he feels makes Belichick stand out from the rest. According to Kiffin, Belichick is unparalleled in his commitment to learn about the incoming prospects. In Kiffin’s experience, most coaches don’t bother checking in on college coaches for opinions on their players.

“I think a lot of people in the NFL think ‘we’ve got it figured out. We don’t need opinions from college guys.’” While Kiffin made his name at the college level, he did spend some time with the Oakland Raiders. Kiffin suggested calling collegiate coaches during his time with the Raiders, and the scouts reportedly were surprised by this request.

Bill Belichick is apparently the exception to this rule, as the legendary head coach reportedly checks in for just about every player he drafts. Kiffin recalled a time where Belichick called Kiffin the night before the NFL Draft to discuss a third-round prospect. This stuck out to Kiffin, as most other coaches weren’t even calling about their first-round picks.

Kiffin added that Belichick’s attention to detail goes beyond just calling coaches. The Ole Miss head coach applauded Belichick’s otherworldly knowledge of players. According to Kiffin, the two were once discussing a tight end and Belichick brought up Zach Miller. Miller played for Kiffin’s Raiders 10 years prior to the conversation and was asking for a comparison.

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