2020 NFL Re-Draft (Picks 1-16)

2020 NFL Re-Draft

Now that we have seen one season of play from the players drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft, what if the NFL were to re-draft all the players in the 2020 NFL Draft? Taking a look and going through each team’s draft picks and how they panned out, we will re-draft the 2020 rookies.

(Note: Quarterbacks are more important than every other position, so although one player may be a better overall NFL player than a quarterback, quarterback is the most valuable position in football therefore he would be worth more in this re-draft.)

2020 NFL Re-Draft

1. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow, QB

Original Pick: Joe Burrow, QB

Before his injury, Burrow was playing extremely well. Although Justin Herbert did go on to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, it was neck-and-neck between him and Burrow before he got hurt. I think the Cincinnati Bengals do not regret this pick, and would take Burrow again given the opportunity.

2. Washington Football Team – Justin Herbert, QB

Original Pick: Chase Young, DE

Although Chase Young is a monster, and did not disappoint one bit, the Washington Football Team has great depth on the defensive line. And now that in hindsight, we realize that Dwayne Haskins is a huge bust, Washington gets their franchise quarterback of the future in Justin Herbert.

3. Detroit Lions – Chase Young, DE

Original Pick: Jeff Okudah, CB

The Detroit Lions would be happy to take the young stud in Chase Young if he falls to them. They need defensive help, and Young gives their defense a huge boost with his generational talent.

4. New York Giants – Justin Jefferson, WR

Original Pick: Andrew Thomas, OT

The New York Giants realize that they made a very bad pick with Andrew Thomas. Although Wirfs is still on the board, Jefferson is too good to pass up on. An all-pro and pro bowler in his rookie year, the Giants fill their big hole at the receiver position by drafting Jefferson.

5. Miami Dolphins – Tristan Wirfs, OT

Original Pick: Tua Tagovailoa, QB

Wirfs’s rookie season was incredible. Tagovailoa was not who they had expected him to be, so the Miami Dolphins instead take their franchise tackle and will go elsewhere to find their quarterback.

6. Los Angeles Chargers – Jeremy Chinn, LB/SS

Original Pick: Justin Herbert, QB (taken)

The Los Angeles Chargers lose Justin Herbert in the re-draft, so they get yet another young defensive stud for them. Chinn paired with Derwin James would be quite the duo.

7. Carolina Panthers – Isaiah Simmons, LB/SS

Original Pick: Derrick Brown, DT

The Carolina Panthers should have taken Simmons last season, and with the opportunity to fix the mistake they made, they will gladly take him here with the seventh pick. Although he did not get much playing time in Arizona, Simmons showed a ton of potential when he did play.

8. Arizona Cardinals – Mekhi Becton, OT

Original Pick: Isaiah Simmons, LB/SS (taken)

The Arizona Cardinals offensive line has failed to protect Kyler Murray time and time again. After the great rookie season Becton had with the Jets, the Cardinals will gladly take him and protect their franchise quarterback.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars – Antoine Winfield Jr., FS

Original Pick: C.J. Henderson, CB

The Jacksonville Jaguars simply take the best player available, Antoine Winfield Jr, who played extremely well his rookie season. This would be a very good pick for them at this spot.

10. Cleveland Browns – Jeff Okudah, CB

Original Pick: Jedrick Wills, OT

Although Okudah’s rookie season was not what was expected, cornerbacks often take time to develop at the pro level. Okudah still has all the tools you need in an elite cornerback, and the Cleveland Browns will happily wait for him to develop.

11. New York Jets – CeeDee Lamb, WR

Original Pick: Mekhi Becton, OT (taken)

The New York Jets do not get Becton this time around, but it isn’t much of a downgrade with CeeDee Lamb. Lamb played very well even without a good quarterback throwing to him this season. He can be a great weapon for them offensively.

12. Las Vegas Raiders – Patrick Queen, LB

Original Pick: Henry Ruggs, WR

The Las Vegas Raiders were infatuated with Ruggs’s speed, but rather than take him again, they instead take Queen, a linebacker with all the measurables. Although he struggled some his rookie year, he has everything you could possibly want in a linebacker.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jedrick Wills, OT

Original Pick: Tristan Wirfs, OT (taken)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are unable to steal Wirfs at 13 again, so this time they are able to fix up their offensive line, but with a less solid option in Wills. Still a great pick for them, and they probably win the Super Bowl either way.

14. San Francisco 49ers – Jaylon Johnson, CB

Original Pick: Javon Kinlaw, DT

Kinlaw was not terrible, but the San Francisco 49ers have a clear hole at the cornerback position, and Jaylon Johnson is a great way to fill that hole.

15. Denver Broncos – Chase Claypool, WR

Original Pick: Jerry Jeudy, WR

Although Jeudy is very good, Claypool has proven more at the pro level. If they had the opportunity to do it again, it would make more sense for the Denver Broncos to take Claypool here.

16. Atlanta Falcons – Kenneth Murray, LB

Original Pick: A.J. Terrell, CB

Terrell was a good pick no doubt, but the Atlanta Falcons taking Kenneth Murray makes a lot more sense after seeing his rookie season. The defensive help they need comes to them in the young stud linebacker out of Oklahoma.

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