Kevin Stefanski Plans to Elevate Cleveland Browns Offense

Kevin Stefanski Browns Offense

Just like he did last year, Kevin Stefanski plans to elevate Cleveland Browns offense. By ‘elevate’, he means to make the Browns offense downright explosive.

Kevin Stefanski Plans to Elevate Cleveland Browns Offense

That Coach of The Year award speaks volumes. 2020 was challenging for so many reasons, but Stefanski overcame them and did an exceptional job lifting the Browns into a playoff-caliber team. There is hope in Cleveland now. Before 2020, no one dared to even think the Browns could play in a Super Bowl one day.

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Offensive Weapons Were Put To Good Use

The Browns had offensive talent for some years. The difference last year was that they were hungry and fed up of being sub-mediocre. Combine that with a new but reputable head coach who possessed the know-how to utilize the weapons that were already there.

Cleveland had one of its most successful offensive seasons in franchise history. They achieved this by every single member of the offense contributing towards their 12 wins, one of which was their wildcard thrashing of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Stefanski Won’t Stop Here

Per Anthony Poisal of, Stefanski has already begun work on the upcoming season. He says they, as coaches, must find ways to improve schematically. “We have to evolve, and I think that has been a big part of our process to date. I think also, as coaches, we have to get better. I have to be a better coach next year for this team and that is my goal.”

For the first time since Baker Mayfield started for Cleveland, he won’t have to readjust and build a new bond with a new head coach. It will be of huge benefit to all the players, they can work on becoming a stronger unit without needing to acclimate as they had to all these years.

Expect New Play Designs

Stefanski will aim to keep defenses guessing. Last season, Mayfield’s performance was enhanced with play-action schemes but those will be fine-tuned. New routes, new looks at the line of scrimmage. Stefanski will be deciding which plays to bring into 2021, and which new plays his team will have to learn.

Overpowering Opponents Will Be Vital

The Browns now have a steady foundation. They’ve never had one till now. A way to continue building will be to implement enough offensive adjustments to overpower any opponent. Stefanski wants to explore avenues that stay true to who they are as a unit. But that also includes developing into something that is undefeatable. “[We must] also allow our guys to grow in this scheme and just find ways to be explosive on offense… we’ve got to make sure that we’re pivoting week in and week out.”

It’s Not Just About Players Improving…

Stefanski won’t be limiting work to the players. Coaches will be required to find ways to improve. He is including himself. Scouring tape is part of the plan and doing whatever it takes to get better. “I make no bones about it, we will steal from everybody if it’s a good idea. I think what we’re trying to do is fine tune and hone in on the things that we’re good at.”

There is no room for complacency. The team will know this once they come back for the new season. Building on their newly acquired success will involve tweaks in the playbook and personnel. Stefanski says it isn’t even about going right back to where they left off. It’s about the entire team and personnel knowing they have to get better.

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