Ryan Clark and Domonique Foxworth Show on ESPN Would Be Well Deserved

Mike Greenberg was half of the duo on ESPN’s long-time morning show, Mike and Mike, along with Mike Golic. But Mike and Mike came to an end and Greenberg started a new show. In the spring of 2018 “Get Up” launched with Greenberg as the host, along with Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose. The initial reviews for Greenberg’s new venture were less than stellar. But ESPN stuck with the show, made some tweaks and “Get Up” now enjoys a healthy viewership and is one of the best morning shows. The success of “Get Up” and Greenberg having found a nice rhythm as the show’s “point guard” are probably the main reasons Mike Greenberg is once again back on ESPN radio with his new show, “Greeny,” (also fantastic). But, while Greeny deserves a lot of the credit for what a great show “Get Up” has become there are two people who make regular appearances on “Get Up” and are fantastic when they do so. Here is why Ryan Clark and Domonique Foxworth need their own show on ESPN.

Ryan Clark and Domonique Foxworth Show on ESPN Needs To Happen

NFL Background

Ryan Clark played 13 seasons in the NFL for the New York Giants, Washington Football Team and the team he is most associated with, the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2011 as a member of the Steelers and won Super Bowl XLIII with Pittsburgh. For his career he played in 177 games (started 152) and had 16 interceptions, 938 tackles (19 for a loss) and 55 passes defended. Domonique Foxworth played six seasons in the NFL for the Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens. In his career he played in 78 games (started 44) and had eight interceptions, 53 passes defended and 267 tackles (four for a loss).

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Paths To ESPN

Clark has been with ESPN full time for six years, immediately following the conclusion of his NFL career, and it has been a tremendous fit thus far. He recently signed a multi-year contract extension with the company. Foxworth took a different approach and instead enrolled at Harvard Business School in the fall of 2013. He ultimately found his way to ESPN and has been excellent thus far.

What They Bring To the Table

Both Clark and Foxworth have other commitments in addition to appearing on “Get Up.” Clark has his Face First podcast and he also joins SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt following ESPN’s broadcast of that week’s Monday Night Football game. Foxworth is a writer and commentator for the Undefeated and he hosts a weekly digital series about the NFL for ESPN called “I Don’t Give a Damn.”

Both Clark and Foxworth bring sports knowledge (particularly for football) as well as the ability to make viewers and their coworkers laugh, especially on Culture Wednesdays on “Get Up,” which are always a blast. Both of them can easily and seamlessly drop a great culture reference into a discussion about various sports topics. While viewers may not always agree with everything they have to say, both Clark and Foxworth have proven they are clearly knowledgeable and entertaining.

Both also speak eloquently and sincerely regarding important social issues and the discussions they bring up on air are important ones to have. Those conversations need to happen more frequently, everywhere. Clark and Foxworth having their own show to talk about sports, culture/entertainment and important social issues would be wonderful.

In addition to both Clark and Foxworth being great individually, they also have incredible chemistry and could work together really well on their own show on ESPN. There are various contributors and insiders who are appear on “Get Up” but the show is just better when Clark and Foxworth are on it. A Ryan Clark and Domonique Foxworth show on ESPN needs to happen immediately.

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