Carolina Panthers Drafting Jaycee Horn Would Be Smart

Coming off the heels of a disappointing 2020-2021 campaign that saw the team finish third in the NFC South, it is clear the Carolina Panthers have work to do with their roster. In addition to solidifying the quarterback position and offensive line, the Panthers should also look to bolster their secondary during this off-season. According to reports, the Panthers could be looking to move from their number eight pick in this year’s NFL Draft. With that being said, one player the Panthers could look to target with their first pick could be South Carolina’s Jaycee Horn.

Carolina Panthers Drafting Jaycee Horn in 2021 Draft Would Be Smart


When looking at Horn on paper, he profiles as a physical specimen. At 6’1″ and 205 pounds he has shown the ability to compete with big-bodied receivers, a trend teams are hoping he can continue in the NFL. Horn uses his dominant size, length, and physicality to his advantage in pass coverage, where he makes his greatest impact. And because of his impressive ability to locate the football in mid-air, Horn is able to be extremely competitive at the catch point and give larger receivers a hard time. During his three seasons in the SEC, Horn showed fantastic development from year to year. This will no doubt impress teams who are looking for a quality, coachable cornerback in the 2021 NFL Draft. Horn’s athleticism has also been a talking point among scouts this off-season. His lateral quickness and fluidity in his hips are nearly unmatched and set him apart from other cornerbacks in this draft class. His quickness allows him to make a play on virtually any ball thrown his way.

But as great as Horn’s physicality is, it does present several problems from time to time. While not often, Horn does sometimes get caught up in the game and gets flagged for penalties like pass interference and holding. Unfortunately for him, those two calls are ones that seem to be a favorite of NFL referees as of recent so he will need to clean up those aspects. Another issue of Horn’s is his tackling. Despite his impressive frame, Horn does have the occasional missed tackle. While this issue is nothing too serious, Horn should look to develop his tackling skills further at the next level. Despite his ability to disrupt receivers in the passing game, Horn only finished with two interceptions in the collegiate career. While this isn’t a huge deal, scouts would like to see Horn force more turnovers at the next level.

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Horn is projected to be drafted in the first round this year. For a team looking to solidify their secondary in this year’s draft, Jaycee Horn looks like the perfect pick. His athleticism combined with his impressive quickness and mobility will allow him to make an impact immediately at the next level. And if a team, like the Panthers, can help develop his tackling and zone coverage skills, Horn could be a quality starter in the secondary for a number of years. Given the need they have at the cornerback position, Horn could be a player the Panthers look to target in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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