New Orleans Saints Staff in Demand Due To Team’s Success

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The New Orleans Saints are losing staff due to the team’s success. The Saints have had the best regular-season stretch in franchise history. Unfortunately, this regular-season success has not led to playoff wins. Nevertheless, the Saints staff hasĀ  been highly sought after. Many teams have interviewed and hired Saints staffers since their season ended. Organizations looking to rebuild did not waste time in seeking out potential staff from the Saints. The NFL hiring carousel is going at full force and the New Orleans Saints staff is in demand due to the team’s success.

New Orleans Saints Staff in Demand Due To Team’s Success

In total, the Saints have lost four staffers to other organizations since their season ended on January 10. Three of these four were on the field assistant coaches. The other was a front office assistant to the general manager. It did not take long for the Saints to start losing members of their staff. Recent regular season success this organization has experienced led to these changes. In the past four years, the Saints have won more games than at any other point in their history. The Saints have won 49 games over the past four years while losing only 15. This success was bound to get the attention of rebuilding franchises throughout the NFL. When members of the Saints staff were able to be hired, some were immediately hired by other organizations.

New Orleans Saints Coaching Losses

The latest loss to the New Orleans Saints is Joe Lombardi. The Los Angeles Chargers hired Lombardi to be their new offensive coordinator. Lombardi has served as the quarterback’s coach for the Saints for the last four seasons, his second stint with the team. Before that, he was the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions and the quarterback’s coach for the Saints. Working with Sean Payton and Drew Brees will make any offensive mind a target for hire. The Chargers are bringing in Lombardi to pair with young quarterback Justin Herbert. Lombardi has had success the past four years with quarterbacks other than Brees. Teddy Bridgewater had his career revitalized under Lombardi. Taysom Hill found his footing in the NFL under Lombardi and took several steps to being an NFL starter.

The other two coaching losses for the New Orleans Saints both left for the Lions. Dan Campbell and Aaron Glenn were both hired by Detroit. Campbell was hired to be the new head coach for the Lions, while Glenn will be the Lions defensive coordinator. Glenn has spent the last five seasons as the Saints secondary coach. This past year, the Saints boasted one of the top secondaries in the NFL, tying for the league-lead in interceptions. Campbell has been in the NFL as a player and coach since 1999. For the past four years, Campbell has served as assistant head coach and tight ends coach for the Saints. Both coaches will enrich the Lions organization immediately. Working together over the past several years will help the Lions take steps forward quicker. The Saints have large holes to fill due to these losses.

New Orleans Saints Front Office Loss

The one front office departure the New Orleans Saints experienced is a huge loss. Terry Fontenot was hired to be the new Atlanta Falcons general manager. Fontenot had been with the Saints for the past 18 years. Over the years with the Saints, Fontenot held several different titles. He was a pro scout assistant, pro scout, and then director of scouting. Fontenot most recently served as the assistant general manager before leaving the Saints. The Atlanta Falcons are currently rebuilding and Fontenot will be a key part of this rebuild. Due to the NFL’s new minority elevation initiative, the Saints will receive two third-round picks in the next two years due to the loss of Fontenot.

Time will tell how the Saints wind up filling these holes left in the organization by these departures.

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