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Baltimore Ravens 2021 Off-season: Five Possible Transactions

After a heartbreaking loss to the Bills, here are five moves the Baltimore Ravens 2021 off-season could make to avoid this lose next season.
Baltimore Ravens 2021 off-season

The Baltimore Ravens 2020-2021 Season was fairly successful. Finishing 11-5, 2nd in the AFC North, and going on to win a playoff game, they did not do too bad. However, it ended with a heartbreaking loss to the Buffalo Bills in the Divisional Round. Now that the Ravens campaign is over, what should the Baltimore Ravens 2021 Off-season look like to get their team even better for next season? Here are some moves they could make in the off-season to help build their team.

Baltimore Ravens 2021 Off-season: Five Possible Transactions

1. Sign a Proven Receiver

Right now, the Ravens do not have a true number one receiver. The number one on the depth chart is Marquise Brown, who shows flashes of talent but fails to provide a consistent reliable target for Lamar Jackson. The Ravens do not have a history of developing drafted receivers successfully so the Ravens should go after a proven receiver who can be their number one. Detroit Lions receiver Kenny Golladay is set to hit the free agent market this off-season and he could be a great target for the Ravens to go after to fill that hole. Several other quality receivers will be free agents this year, and that should be a great opportunity for the Baltimore Ravens 2021 off-season.

The Ravens rushing attack is statistically the best in the league and the best all-time in the NFL. However, their passing offense finished in the bottom three in several categories. Though many will try to cast the blame on Lamar Jackson, this problem is actually to blame on the fact that the Ravens leading receiver was not a receiver, but their tight end – Mark Andrews. They need to give Lamar a consistent target to go to on the outside.  The other reason why the Ravens pass attack was sub-par this season is what they should address in my next point.

2. Fire Greg Roman

Greg Roman, Ravens Offensive Coordinator, seemed to be an incredible play caller lost season, leading the Ravens offense to be the best in the league. However, his true colors have shown this year. Roman’s running schemes are absolutely incredible, beyond any doubt. They are the reason why the Ravens rushing offense has been so dominant these past two years. However, Roman fails to provide good, NFL level passing plays for the offense. One symptom of this was that the Ravens pass offense was statistically ranked bottom in the league, as mentioned previously.

The Baltimore Ravens 2021 off-season needs to including letting Roman go and hiring a replacement who can continue to provide a good run scheme for this offense, but also use the Ravens personnel to their full potential in the passing game. If Lamar Jackson gets a true number one receiver and an offensive coordinator who can draw up quality pass plays the Ravens will have a dangerous offense next season.

3. Draft an Interior Offensive Lineman

The Ravens right now have arguably the best tackle duo in the league. With all-pro Ronnie Stanleyon the blind side, along with Orlando Brownon the right, they have the edges blocked well. However, the interior of their offensive line has greatly struggled. They desperately need a guard or center who can provide extra protection in the pass game, and also help strengthen their run game even more than what they already have.

The Ravens will have the 28th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft . At that spot, they should try to select a good interior offensive lineman to help them out there next year. The consensus best guard in the draft is Wyatt Davis out of Ohio State. He would be their best bet at 28, but Creed Humphrey out of Oklahoma would also be a great pick. Whatever they do, the Ravens need to obtain a quality interior offensive lineman to fill that hole on their roster.

4. Re-Sign Judon and Ngakoue

The Ravens pass rush is highlighted by Matthew Judon and Yannick Ngakoue on both ends. Both of these players have proven to be quality playmakers for this defense, and they will both hit free agency this year. The Ravens should do everything they can to bring these players back as they are important pieces on the Ravens top five defense. Ngakoue has been consistently providing pressures for the Ravens, though his numbers on paper do not look good. He has definitely made a huge impact for the defense. Judon has also been a great playmaker for them both as a pass rusher and as a run stopper. The Ravens need to bring both of these players back, and if not both then at least one. They are important pieces on their defense and it would be a detriment to let them go.

5. Extend Lamar Jackson

Although there is a lot of controversy about whether Jackson is a top-tier quarterback in the league, he is without a doubt the face of the Ravens franchise for the next few years. The Ravens should give him an extension and pay him like an MVP quarterback. In his three year career, Jackson has three playoff berths, a playoff win, and two division titles. Jackson has accomplished a lot in his short career and is no doubt the Ravens quarterback of the future.

Although the Ravens should not give him a huge extension such as that of Patrick Mahomes, he definitely deserves a big contract to be paid like the other top-tier quarterbacks in the league. A half-decade, quarter-million deal could suit him well, but time will tell what the Ravens and General Manager Eric DeCosta will choose to do with their quarterback.

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