Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterbacks Options for 2021

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The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterbacks situation is currently in disarray. The team has yet to make a decision on whether Mike Glennon or Gardner Minshew II will start on Sunday. As Jacksonville travels to face the Indianapolis Colts, ending the season with a win is key. The franchise has already locked up the first-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, marking the first time it has ever held the top selection.

While it may not really matter which signal-caller starts, it could pave the way for a big decision in the off-season. Glennon is a veteran who has shown flashes of greatness with some strong throws this season. Head Coach Doug Marrone held out Minshew when he was healthy a few weeks ago despite the second-year quarterback wanting to play.

Heading into 2021, the Jaguars are slated to pick Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence with the first-overall pick. That is, if the college quarterback doesn’t decide to either remain at Clemson or refuse to play for Jacksonville. That decision is highly unlikely, though. So, with Lawrence coming to town next spring to be the face of the franchise, what do the Jaguars do with Glennon and Minshew?

Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterbacks Options for 2021

The current quarterback situation gives the team a tough decision. Because with Lawrence coming in, Jacksonville will likely get rid of one of their current passers. Or, the team could trade or release both of them. However, they will likely keep one on the active roster as a backup.

This all started when the New York Jets won their first game two weeks ago. Jacksonville’s strength of record is worse than New York’s, therefore, the Jaguars took hold of the first pick. But when the Jets won again this past Sunday, a miracle became true in Duval. The Jaguars would firmly hold the top selection for the first time ever since the franchise’s inception in 1995.

What to do with Gardner Minshew

As aforementioned, Jacksonville can trade Minshew either close to the draft or during the draft for other picks. On the opposite end, the team can elect to keep Minshew on the roster as a backup.

This season, Minshew has thrown for 2,259 yards, 16 touchdowns–to five interceptions–with a completion percentage 66.1. While he has been the least of the issues on offense, he has only started eight games. He missed time due to injury earlier in the year. But when it was time to come back, Marrone held him out which caused frustration. The best case scenario for Minshew is to discuss a way to remain with the franchise in hopes of being the immediate backup to Lawrence beginning next season.

Jacksonville could be like the Miami Dolphins and hold Lawrence for a few games to let him get established with the system. The team currently will be hiring a new general manager and could be hiring a new coaching staff as well. However, the latter is unconfirmed to this point but likely to happen. Should Minshew stay, it gives the coaches and fan base more time to see what he truly holds as a pro quarterback.

Whether or Not to Release Mike Glennon

This year, Glennon has started four games. In those starts, he has tossed five touchdowns and five interceptions. A decision likely won’t come until later next spring, but keeping Glennon would be wasting cap space. Though Jacksonville has been not so good with keeping or releasing key players, the veteran would have no reason to stay when coveted Trevor Lawrence comes to town.

With all the front office decisions still yet to be made, the quarterback situation is the biggest one within the team itself. Until the spring arrives, Jacksonville is preparing to close its campaign on Sunday against the Colts.

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