Last Word on Football S2, E10: Downhill Like Hunter Renfrow’s Hairline

Hunter Renfrow

Welcome to another episode of the Last Word on Football Podcast with your hosts Seth Aplin and Ryan Hawks. They are joined as always by Daniel Acevedo as the producer. In this episode, things go downhill faster than Hunter Renfrow and his hairline. The crew talks about the Green Bay Packers and Las Vegas Raiders losses, Philip Rivers adopts Aaron Rodgers. And Ryan reminisces on his time working at The Home Depot.

Last Word on Football Season 2 Episode 10: Downhill Like the Hairline of Hunter Renfrow

0:00 – Introduction and “Sponsors”

2:10 – Green Bay Packers dropped the game against the Indianapolis Colts

3:35 – Third time we watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during prime time. Also the only reason Ryan agreed to record is because he wants to see Seth’s sad face when Mike Evans doesn’t score enough to help Seth win his fantasy matchup.

5:20 – Daniel’s season has been all downhill like Hunter Renfrow’s hairline

7:00 – Philip Rivers adopted a new child – Aaron Rodgers

8:05 – The New York Jets made it interesting against the Los Angeles Chargers

10:15 – The Las Vegas Raiders made it interesting against the Kansas City Chiefs

11:40 – Seth tells a story about helping his friend move that involves Nick Novak

13:27 – Thoughts and Prayers for Joe Burrow

15:30 – Danny Dimes talks about getting excited when announcers talk about being “Deep in the Pocket”

18:10 – Ryan admits to a bad take about Taysom Hill

20:42 – Ryan relates about his time at The Home Depot: Bleeding orange and giving people the wrong cement

24:40 – Back so some more slander – why have the Detroit Lions not fired Matt Patricia yet?

27:30 – Jared Goff throws a terrible interception to Jason Pierre-Paul during Sunday Night Football, and is Carson Wentz done?

29:50 – The Boys are Back in Town and Danny Dimes has hope

33:28 – The crew makes some inter-podcast bets, and does a few game predictions

About the Podcast

Last Word on Football was a podcast thought of by producer Daniel Acevedo. Daniel also produces and hosts other podcasts. Check them out here. You can also follow him on Twitter @daniel_doesnt.

Daniel linked Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin together. Seth doesn’t really do social media. Ryan can be found on Twitter @RyanWorldEater. He writes a ton of fantasy football content for Last Word on Sports.

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