Josh McDaniels Could Be on the Move in 2021

Josh McDaniels

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has been linked to head coaching vacancies for the better part of the past five years. However, after each hiring cycle, McDaniels always ends up sticking in Foxboro. That could change this year, as McDaniels finally has a good reason to leave. With Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, Josh McDaniels could find himself as the Buccaneers head coach next year.

Josh McDaniels Could Be Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach in 2021

Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels have worked together for the vast majority of their respective careers. Brady, of course, first joined the New England Patriots back in 2000 and remained with the organization until 2019. McDaniels, meanwhile, first joined New England’s coaching staff in 2001 and gradually worked his way up to offensive coordinator.

McDaniels took a three-year hiatus from New England in 2009-2011, but ultimately returned to serve as offensive coordinator in 2012. He’s remained there ever since, and he and Tom Brady clearly have a close relationship. Last year, Brady countered a report saying there was tension between the two by going to Instagram and saying that he and his coach are “brothers for life”. This was far from the only time the duo has complemented each other, and the two have one of the closest working relationships in the NFL.

McDaniels clearly doesn’t want to leave New England unless the perfect opportunity presents itself. He came THIS close to leaving for the Indianapolis Colts back in 2018, but ultimately changed his mind at the 11th hour. The presence of Brady should be enough to lure him out of New England, as the six-time Super Bowl champion is under contract for one more season. However, in order for McDaniels to arrive, Bruce Arians needs to leave.

What Happens to Bruce Arians?

Head coach Bruce Arians and quarterback Tom Brady do not seem to have the closest relationship. While the team is currently a respectable 7-4, Arians isn’t afraid to bash his quarterback. Last week, Arians essentially blamed the entire loss on Brady, reportedly causing tensions to grow between the two.

Winning cures all tensions, but this could spiral out of control. After starting the year as one of the best deep passers in football, Brady has been one of the worst over the past few weeks. It’s impossible to know whether this is injury-related or just a case of fatigue, but Arians refuses to adjust his vertically-oriented offense.

If forced to choose between Brady and Arians, it’s safe to assume the front office will choose Brady. For one, getting rid of the head coach will be a lot easier than the quarterback. Firing Arians is simple, whereas letting Brady go will lead to a $25 million dead cap hit in 2021. Additionally, Brady is still a good quarterback, even if he’s not what he once was. Finding a top 10-15 quarterback is a lot harder than finding a head coach, especially if you have someone like Josh McDaniels waiting for the right opportunity.

On top of that, Brady seems to have more control than Arians in the current power structure. The team traded for Rob Gronkowski in the offseason and signed Antonio Brown a few weeks ago, despite Arians saying that he’d never make such a move back in March.

If the Buccaneers get hot, then maybe both sides put aside their differences and give it one more shot. However, if the struggles and drama continue, Josh McDaniels could very well be the next head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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