Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey Feud Turns Violent in Fist Fight

Golden Tate
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Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey have a history. A feud began between the two last summer when Ramsey ended a long-term relationship with Tate’s sister, Breanna. She was pregnant with their second daughter together when he left her for a Las Vegas dancer. The quarrel went public on Twitter where Tate posted, “He know he gonna have to see me.”

Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey Have Violent Exchange After New York Giants-Los Angeles Rams Game on Sunday

Sunday was the first time that they met up on the field since the feud began and with Sterling Shepard out, it was clear that they would go head-to-head often. Both are very emotional players and are known to talk smack, which they seemed to do for the entire game. But it was early in the fourth quarter that things really started to escalate. It was a one-point game with the Giants trying to pick up a short third down when Ramsey got off a block and leveled Tate short of the first. Despite an obnoxious celebration by Ramsey, Tate kept a level head for the time being.

Emotions Boil Over at Midfield

As the final seconds ticked down, however, the two weren’t finished. They met at midfield and promptly swung at each other as the fight began. Eventually, they went down to the turf and the veterans pulled them apart. Both teams got into it a little bit as well before heading to their respective locker rooms. The Los Angeles Rams move to 3-1 with the win and the New York Giants offense has failed to reach the end zone in back to back weeks as they fall to 0-4. Nothing has been posted on social media by either player yet, but it is obvious that the feud is not over.

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