Two Underrated Tennessee Titans Hidden Gems

Underrated Tennessee Titans

The term underrated player is thrown around a lot. Everyone has their favorite who they think no one else talks about or respects. But, who are those on the Tennessee Titans that actually have been underrated. The Titans have been a team of many past notable stars. The ones like Steve “Air” McNair, Eddie George, and Chris Johnson. But what about the underrated stars? The ones that get left behind in the dust, and need to be discussed more. Tennessee has been home to more than a few of those, but one stands out above the rest. 

Two Underrated Tennessee Titans Hidden Gems

Nate Washington

Nate Washington was a great wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans, with at least over 550 yards during his six seasons as a Titan. If he put up such great numbers, why isn’t he discussed as much? Well, Washington was not the most flashy player out there. He was a grinding type of receiver. Washington often was in the average of 45 to 55 yards a game during his six seasons as a Titan. As stated earlier, not the most flashy of performances but he still went out there and caught the ball when it needed to be done. That is something that is always useful on a team. Yes, it is nice to have the player that can do it with one hand and juke every defender, but sometimes, the simplest way is the best way. 

Another reason that Washington sometimes does not get the praise he deserves is a strange one. Nate Washington is not a homegrown player for the Titans. The wide receiver actually played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and was drafted by them for four seasons before signing with Tennessee. Washington only started a total of seven games over four seasons in the Steelers organization. Such a number shows how Pittsburgh didn’t use a great potential asset and allowed him to walk. Imagine if that happened today in the age of hyper-social media. 

Drew Bennett

A second name that should be looked at it is Drew Bennett. The undrafted player went on to give a good name to those who don’t get picked by any team. Also a wide receiver, Bennett played for the Titans. Bennett was a part of the team when it was led by Steve McNair and Jeff Fisher. Bennett played a lot like Washington, a grinding type of playstyle when it came to receiving the ball.   Yes, Bennett did have a career-high of only 11 touchdowns in a season during his career, but he was able to bring the ball down on the field when needed. 

It is a shame how Bennett’s career ended. His knee ended up hurting his career near the end while playing for St. Louis while the Rams were located there. I imagine if Drew had a better knee, he would have won a ring, and probably would be revered as a great player. 

Each team has had those who should be honored and recognized. Nate Washington and Drew Bennett are two people that deserve that recognition from the NFL community. Every team has been host to multiple players that deserve their due, and it time to realize that. 

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