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Deandre Baker Update: Witnesses Come Forward

Deandre Baker Update: Good news comes after weeks of no update on Deandre Baker's current legal situation after an incident earlier in the year.
Deandre Baker

Good news comes after weeks of no update on Deandre Baker‘s current legal situation. Two witnesses are now on record saying Baker never pulled out a firearm during a cookout in May, according to TMZ.

Deandre Baker Update: Witnesses Come Forward

Last month, the Giants corner along with Seahawks corner Quinton Dunbar were arrested for an alleged armed robbery in Miramar, FL. Cops said Baker pulled out a semi-automatic weapon and directed Dunbar to start taking valuable items. Also, cops initially mentioned that Baker directed a third man to shoot someone who had just entered the party.

Baker was charged with four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault, which he later pled not guilty and posted bail for at an astounding $200,000 ($25,000 per charge).

“Now, two witnesses who were at the cookout have given sworn affidavits — which have been submitted to prosecutors — in which they state Baker never pulled out a gun or robbed anyone,” says TMZ.

Both men claim they were 10 to 12 feet away from Baker during the situation. The men also stated that they never saw Baker “take anything from anyone at the party.”

“Deandre Baker was near me, and he never pulled out and/or pointed a firearm at anyone at the party.”

Earlier this month, Baker’s lawyer, Patrick G. Patel, said they believe they have the case won and that the charges against Baker could be exonerated soon.

“I think we’ve got the case won, to be honest with you. I think it’s only a matter of time,” Patel told the New York Post. “But it’s the kid’s life. This kid will get suspended and lose his job, and then the case gets dismissed and what have we done? So everybody’s taking a wait and see approach.”

However, the Giants are not actively looking to replace Baker, according to a report from Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post. Even if Baker is suspended by the league, the Giants are willing to bank on the development of their young secondary to fill Baker’s position.

Baker had a rough rookie season, but many were expecting him to improve in 2020 and be the playmaker that he was in college. Baker tallied eight pass breakups, 61 combined tackles, and two tackles for loss in what was a disappointing first year in the league, allowing 850 yards and six touchdowns with a 61.4 completion percentage.

This is great news for Baker in terms of reconnecting with the team and getting cleared of all charges.

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