2020 Tennessee Titans: A Look Into What the Future Holds

2020 Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans seemed to do the impossible in 2019. Tennessee became the ultimate underdogs during the season. A team had gone from a record of 2-4 in Week 7, to being in the AFC Championship. While the Titans lost that game, they still impressed the NFL, with a change of quarterback, with Marcus Mariota being replaced with former Miami Dolphins exile Ryan Tannehill leading the Titans to 9-7 record in the National Football League.  Tannehill’s Titans beat the highly touted New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens on their way to the AFC Championship. 

Peering into Future of the 2020 Tennessee Titans

The Improvements

The Titans added a lot in the 2019 season and improved even more in other areas. Tennessee currently has Derrick Henry in the running back position, who was one of the main providers of offense in the 2019 season. Henry in the 2019 playoffs, turned the jets on. Henry ran over 440 yards in the three games Tennessee played in during the playoffs. A.J. Brown also helped the Titans offense, as the 2nd round draft pick became the Tannehill’s main receiver. Brown filled some of the holes that were major issues for the 2018 Titans. The final piece for the Titans was the Mike Vrabel defense. Vrabel has come into Tennessee and improved an already great defense, and made it elite, often with the defense coming in and winning games for the team. 

The 2020 Season

Tennessee also seems to have lady luck on their side at the moment. Tennessee’s schedule has been ranked as the 10th easiest schedule for the 2020 season.  The combined record of 127-128-1 from the 2019 season of the Titans 2020 opponents. This shows the Titans have a chance to bring in some regular-season wins. The Titans also were able to get Henry to sign his franchise tag to come back for at least the 2020 NFL season. Tennessee is also reportedly in talks with star free agent Jadeveon Clowney to help shape up the teams already great defense. With these factors, the Titans are looking to shape up for a great 2020 season.

The Future

So with a potential championship window open, how long will it last? The timeline of the window depends on one major factor: Derrick Henry. Henry signing his franchise tag made it clear to the Titans he will play on it. The question is now if a new deal will be signed. If the Titans and Henry reach a new deal, the window is open for as long as the deal is in place, plus two to three years. If a deal is not reached with Henry, the window is open for just this season. However, who can say a new offensive starter couldn’t surprise the NFL and replace Henry if that situation happens.

Whatever happens, the Tennessee Titans have a bright future for at least the short term. If Henry gets a new deal, very much into the long term. The Titans have also been trending up over the past half-decade, and now their work is starting to pay off. It is not out of the question to say that Tennessee could be adding a Lombardi Trophy to the mantle soon.  

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