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Khalil Tate NFL 2020 Draft Profile

Khalil Tate is a senior quarterback out of Arizona University. Despite playing in a pro-style offense the last two seasons, Tate works best in the spread.
Khalil Tate

Position: Quarterback
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 215 pounds
School: Arizona Wildcats

Khalil Tate 2020 NFL Draft Profile

Khalil Tate is a senior out of Arizona University. Tate began his collegiate career as a freshman in 2016 where he made appearances in seven games. In those seven games, Tate completed 18 out of 45 passes for 243 yards and three touchdowns to just three interceptions. Tate finished his freshman season with a passer efficiency rating of 94. 2017 was Tate’s first season as a full-time starter and his last in the spread offense. During his sophomore season, Tate started all 11 games while throwing for 1,591 yards on 111 completions. Tate accumulated 14 touchdown passes to nine interceptions, and finished the season with a passer efficiency rating of 152.4; the highest of his collegiate career. Tate also managed to rush for 1,411 yards and 12 touchdowns on just 153 carries.

Tate’s junior season was his first year in a pro-style offense and while there was not much of a drop off from his passing game, his rushing numbers were the ones that took the biggest hit. Tate went from rushing for 1,400 plus yards in his sophomore season to just 224 yards and two touchdowns his junior year. Tate did manage to increase his passing touchdown total to 26, but his passer efficiency rating also dropped to 149.8. While Tate did manage to take a step forward as a passer during his first season in a pro-style offense, he was limited in what made him so special the year prior.


  • strong arm;
  • above-average mobility;
  • high release point;
  • quick release.


  • reading defenses;
  • lower body mechanics;
  • pocket presence;
  • timing
  • takes too many sacks

NFL Comparison: Brett Hundley

Teams With Need at Position: Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots

Projection: Undrafted free agent

Bottom Line

Khalil Tate has a lot of developing to do if he ever even wants to come close to being a starting quarterback in the NFL. Tate is best being billed as a dual-threat quarterback as he doesn’t have the timing or anticipation required to strictly be a pure pocket passer. He would fit best in a spread-style offense that allows him to work out of the shotgun and roll out of the pocket. Tate was at his best in college when facing a primarily man coverage defense. He has a knack for busting big runs when the defense has their back turned to him while covering receivers down the field. Tate has a strong arm and does not need his feet planted to launch the ball down the field. The stunt in his growth can be partially attributed to his shift from the spread to the pro-style offense during his junior season. He still has a tendency to misread pressure, thus making his pocket presence bottom-tier at best. Do not be surprised if Tate is pressured to switch positions after a year in the league. It may be his only shot at finding a permanent stay in the NFL.

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