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Third String Quarterback Key For 2020 New Orleans Saints

Saints Third String Quarterback

Last week, Sean Payton stated Taysom Hill earned the right to be the backup quarterback to Drew Brees. This was no shock. In fact, Hill may have been the starter if Drew Brees ended up retiring after last season. Regardless, the New Orleans Saints have two quarterbacks on the roster. Bringing in a third is normal business coming into a new season. Usually, there can be a battle for the backup position, but the question already has been answered. In 2020, the third-string quarterback has a chance to become involved in the offense this year.

Taysom Hill’s Backup Could Play Pivotal Role

Hill is no Longer Expendable

The fact of the matter is, Taysom Hill is now the insurance policy. He is the guy who comes in just in case. Well, the “just in case” occurred last year, when Drew Brees went down for five games. Historically, Brees has typically stayed healthy since he’s been taking snaps in the black and gold.

But now, being at the age of 41 all bets are off. Hill has to be ready to go in a moment’s notice. Sean Payton is creative. He’s dynamic. He’s also not an idiot. Does anyone really believe he’d allow Hill to be running through defenders and blocking punts if he was the primary backup? No way. Supposedly, Hill will be utilized similarly to 2019, but the thought of him going “Beast Mode” as a backup makes little sense.

So, here’s my pitch. Add a pocket knife to the toolbox. In other words, get a third string quarterback that can pound the ball like Hill and play a little quarterback. Not to mention, run a 4.4 40-yard dash. Surely, the shoes are huge to fill. But remember, Hill was an Undrafted free agent. Now he’s awfully close to becoming the heir apparent to Drew Brees. For this reason, it’s pertinent to keep Taysom Hill healthy. And just yesterday, Sean Payton announced Drew Brees’ last season is here. The news just broke.

Under these new circumstances, the third quarterback could play a pivotal role in being a customized version of Taysom Hill. Here’s a few names that come to mind.

The Big Three to Replace the Original Swiss Army Knife

Bryce Perkins is surely a prospect on my list. Perkins is a dual-threat quarterback looking for a place to land after the NFL Draft and is a human highlight reel. Moreover, he’s been consistent, completing 64.5% in 2018 and 64.4% over the last couple years. Also, he’s run for 20 touchdowns and averaged about 800 yards per year on the ground. The common knock on the dual-threat quarterbacks is running too soon, and this rings true for Perkins. He also has a tendency to lock in on a target and doesn’t look off. His arm is good enough to play in the NFL. He’s got to be coached up for sure. The potential is there though.

The obvious choice would be Jalen Hurts. However, getting Hurts will surely cost a draft pick. He’s projected to go somewhere between the third and fourth round.  Honestly, Hurts isn’t one of my favorites but the tape doesn’t lie. And the stats are hefty.

Khalil Tate is easily my favorite of the three. He’s got cheetah speed. The touch is silky smooth. Ultimately, he could come in at a moment’s notice to run Taysom Hill plays. Tate can throw the ball long with stealth accuracy. Ultimately, he’s the perfect third string quarterback prospect for the New Orleans Saints.

Go ahead and doubt this kid. If he gets the right opportunity with a solid coach, the ceiling doesn’t exist. He’s the best freebie on the market coming into the 2020 NFL season. In other words, people are going to tell you why he can’t ever be a quarterback in the NFL. They told that to Taysom Hill too.

Regardless of how the Saints want to play this season out, any of these three players can contribute in a black and gold uniform. Surely, the success of quarterback Taysom Hill playing in all facets of the game is legendary. The fact is , he’s everywhere all the time. You name it, Hill has done it. And he’s done it extremely well.

However, this year has to be different. The Saints need a pocket knife to add to the toolbox.

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