Bob Stoops Returns to Sidelines in XFL With Dallas Renegades

Bob Stoops

The XFL is now counting down to the 2020 kickoff. This weekend, all five teams compete to lure fans into following football religiously past the Super Bowl. The now-defunct AAF (Alliance of American Football) tried in 2019. The main reason for failure was simply bad accounting. The financial collapse of any sports league is simply inexcusable. Conversely, the XFL shouldn’t have any issues with Vince McMahon committing to invest over $500 million over the next three years. While that number may sound lofty, it will take a monumental effort to sell the idea of football in the spring.

St. Louis BattleHawks-Dallas Renegades: Bob Stoops Is back to Coaching in the XFL

A Desire to Teach Players and Mentor

Still, the league has a much better opportunity to succeed long term. Getting a future Hall of Famer in Bob Stoops gives legitimacy to a new league. Stoops could’ve come out of retirement to coach at many places. But, the XFL convinced him to coach the Dallas Renegades among all the suitors.

“I’m excited about it,” said Stoops. “I’ve got a bunch of good-looking players. Looking forward to working with them. I told someone I have all fifth-year seniors here. All these guys know how to play, and a bunch of good athletes, it’s going to be exciting and fun.”

Surely, there are plenty of people wondering why here and why now. On the other hand, people close to him get it. Bob Stoops—winner of 190 games, 10 Big XII titles, and a national championship retired from Oklahoma to get back to his roots.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Youngstown, Ohio is where it all started for Stoops. This is where it all started for Bob and his three brothers. Or Bobby is what they call them around his hometown. Ron Stoops Sr. taught all his sons the love for football back in Youngstown. Stoops Sr. taught history and physical education at Cardinal Mooney High School. It’s a school where Stoops Sr. coached until his death literally on the sidelines.

Whether it was shining shoes, painting houses, or keeping score, Ron Stoops Sr. set examples for doing mundane things extraordinarily well. No task in front of you should be treated as an average one. Never take anything for granted. Anything below excellence is a waste of time. Give your all, and people will be more than willing to work for you in return.

Mark Stoops remembers the father who gave him life lessons that never disappeared. “He wasn’t a drill sergeant. Just stringent and tough. Do it right, take care of your things, or just don’t do it.”

The Time Was Right

Stoops retired at the age of 56 with plenty of gas in the tank. However, the constant desire to please so many people and Oklahoma wasn’t fun anymore. Make no mistake, Stoops wanted to win. He probably wanted it more than anyone. The problem was winning became more of a process. Bob Stoops won a lot of games. He’ll go down as one of the best coaches in Oklahoma football. But when all is said and done, Stoops wants to lead a simpler life and guide other young men with lifelong lessons. And give him credit, he knew when it was time at Oklahoma.

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