Last Word on Football Episode 15: Booger McFarland Needs to Ask Madden

Booger McFarland

Welcome to another episode of the Last Word on Football podcast. This week your hosts Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin talk about the playoffs and how terrible Booger McFarland is. Producer Daniel Acevedo makes sure everyone knows that although he is vegetarian, he is not weak. There is some time spent on good and bad names.

Episode 15: Booger McFarland Needs to Ask Madden – Last Word on Football

0:00: Intro

1:30: No Tom Brady in the Super Bowl – Will he re-sign with the New England Patriots?

3:00: Derrick Henry is a MAN!

4:42: Should the Baltimore Ravens be a little nervous about the Tennessee Titans?

7:38: Bill Belichick is the worst interviewer ever

8:16: Seth claims that there is a Rockstar energy drink that is vegan (Danny Dimes gets happy)

9:19: Bills Mafia Goes Down

9:45: Best part of the Houston Texans vs Buffalo Bills game – Booger McFarland’s terrible commentary

11:25: Kevin Harlan tribute (and then back to the Bills/Texans highlights)

14:59: Who is going after A.J. Green? (And the gang talks about interesting names)

19:20: Taiwan Jones sighting

19:37: Recapping the New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings games

21:55: Kirk Cousins defenders coming out of the sewers (and Seth claims that Carson Wentz is a fraud)

27:05: Thoughts on this weekend’s games

28:45: Did the Saints, Sean Payton, and Drew Brees miss their window?

30:15: Mike McCarthy stays over at Jerry Jones’ house to get the job

35:47: Ryan questions Alvin Kamara’s stats

41:20: Aaron Rodgers is still a top quarterback. Who else is up there with him?

43:35: Which teams would be the best fit for Brady?

50:13: Who will the Cleveland Browns hire?

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Daniel linked Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin together. Seth doesn’t really do social media. Ryan can be found on Twitter @RyanWorldEater. He writes a ton of fantasy football content for Last Word on Sports, and is also the Managing Editor for the lifestyle magazine section of LWOS,

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