Under Further Review Season 2 Episode 17 – The Trivia Episode

Under Further Review

Welcome to Under Further Review, the show where two lushes (Andrew Lemieux and Kata Stevens) get drunk on sports! It’s a full house today as we play trivia on this special holiday episode! Mike Brown and Producer Sarah Fiete are in the house today for an array of games, laughter and all-around Christmas cheer. Put on your thinking caps and join us on this episode of Under Further Review!

UFR S2 E17 – The Trivia Episode

Part 1:

Andrew, Kata, and Mike play some one-on-one mini-games, hosted by the third non-participating host:

Game 1- Pyramid: Kata vs. Mike, hosted by Andrew. See if Kata can name where the sports Hall of Fames are, or if Mike can tell us what New York Giants numbers are retired. (3:31-23:38)

Game 2- The Newlywed Game: Andrew and Kata, hosted by Mike. How much do Andrew and Kata know about each other? We’ll see as Mike puts their relationship to the test. (24:57-37:34)

Game 3- Jeopardy!: Andrew vs. Mike, hosted by Kata. Months of Andrew and Mike competing at Jeopardy for Wii comes to a head as Kata quizzes her two boys on football, non-football, and sports media categories. (37:44-48:39)

Part 2:

Producer Sarah enters the fray to host two games to be played by our three hosts:

Game 4- Spelling Bee! How many U’s and K’s are in Tuukka Rask? What nationality is Dan Hamhuis? (49:30-57:12)

Game 5- The Price is Right! How many feet have all of Mark McGwire’s home runs traveled? The answer isn’t 1 foot. (57:24-1:01:45)

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