Under Further Review Season 2 Episode 16 – 29 Out of 30

Under Further Review

Welcome to Under Further Review, the show where two lushes (Andrew Lemieux and Kata Stevens) get drunk on sports! Drew Brees broke the passing touchdown record on Monday night, but we’re also going to tell you about another record he broke that you might find even more impressive. Also, Kata’s eulogy for Eli Manning’s career makes Andrew sick, and we’ll uncover a possible scandal no one’s talking about. All this and more on this episode of Under Further Review!

UFR S2 E16 – 29 out of 30

Part 1:

Part 1- With Eli Manning’s time in New York (and likely his career) coming to an end, Kata feels some feels about moving on from your childhood’s star quarterback. Andrew can’t relate. (3:00-17:19)

Part 2:

Part 2- A Washington Post article named 12 former NFL players as participants in a potential wire fraud scandal involving a healthcare fund for retired players. Why would they do this, and why isn’t anyone covering it? Andrew and Kata have more. (19:08-36:36)

Part 3:

Part 3- Kata reveals she actually made the playoffs in her fantasy league… until she discovers that that’s not actually the case. Andrew, on the other hand, is advancing to his league’s championship. We’ll also go back and talk about the highs and lows of this fantasy season, and reveal our plans for next week’s holiday special! (37:54-55:55)

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Under Further Review was created by Andrew Lemieux and Kata Stevens. The show airs live on Facebook every Monday, and the podcast audio can be found on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you listen) each Thursday morning. This episode was recorded live on Tuesday, December 17th, 2019.

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